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12/13/09 That's Good News Ford, thanks and have a Happy Holidays. Jeff

12/12/09 If you didn't get this update on him, it would be appreciated if you would post it.
This originally came from Candy Dolin. Jackie was the very first feature winner at Lancaster
Speedway (Dunn Tire Raceway Park now) when it opened in June 1959 with his #7. Thanks,
Mark Southcott.
An early morning e-mail from Ford Easton informed
Jackie Soper is extremely ill in the
Troy, PA hospital. Ford suggested all those who remember Jackie's driving career send cards
and letters Jackie's way. Ford also strongly suggested NOT contacting Jackie by telephone at
the hospital. Jackie is having great difficulty speaking due to pneumonia and other
contributing new health issues. Jackie has been handling several other major health issues
in recent years, but for the last few years Jackie makes an annual trip back to PA and NYS
for deer season and a round of serious visiting with family and friends. These past trips have
proven extremely debilitating to Jackie's health, but he continues the trips because he loves
them so much. This time Jackie's health suffered more than usual.
The hospital address:
Troy Community Hospital, 100 John Street, Troy, PA 16947.  Ford
mentions calling the hospital at 570-297-2121 for updates on Jackie's condition through the
nurse's station. I did just that several minutes ago to see how he was doing, but since I was
his first call of the morning my call was put through to Jackie's room. I'd rather that not
happened. Ford was correct. Jackie has little strength to speak, and it was distressful for
him. We spoke very briefly at my insistence

12/8/09 Hi to all of you with ties to the 50s and 60s racing world,
I have been away for the last week but upon our return I was advised that Jackie Soper is in
the Troy, Pa hospital and not in very good shape at all. As most of you know he has had a
number of problems over the past few years and during a visit to see relitives recently he
passed out from problems and as he told me in a phone conversation today got himself to the
hospital.  He has been in for 5 days with pneumonia plus he now has diabetes too.  He
sounds in bad shape and naturally his voice was very strained talking with me.  He is a
tough guy though and not a complainer.  Those years he smoked like many of us did has
really taken a toll on him with heart and lung problems.  As Jackie has said before to me
and did again today help get people to stop or never start smoking. He also said I am a good
example of the results of it
A card to him from you would really make him feel some better I know.  Here is the address:  
Troy Community Hospital, 100 John St., Troy PA 16947. Ford Easton
PS to check on his condition you can call the hopital at 570-297-2121 and ask for the
nurses station on the section he is in and ask the nurse if she would relay to Jackie that you
called.  I wouldn't suggest talking with him direct as it is so hard for him to talk.

12/13/09 Thanks to Ford and Mark for their updates, sorry to hear Jackie isn't doing
well and wishing him a full recovery. - Jeff

12/5/09 I just spent the best 2 hours going through all the old pics. What great memories
as a young kid going with my dad to the races at 5 Mile Point. Thank You  - Spud Walsh
Joseph K. Walsh

12/6/09 Thank you Spud for the compliment, glad you enjoy the site - Jeff

Saratoga Springs, NY              The newest “hot setup” at the Racing in New York gallery of
the Saratoga Automobile Museum is racing jackets, as an entire wall is being covered with
jackets of all types to bring back memories of the stars and racing related products of the
“It started with jackets we received from the Rene Charland collection.  Some he wore and
others came from racers who’d given them to him over the years,” explained gallery
coordinator Ron Hedger.  “I started hanging them around the gallery and the response was
amazing, so I added in a few others of my own and did a preview area for the recent Lost
Speedways program.  
“Guys who hadn’t thought of Jim Moffat in years saw an ‘Oilzum’ jacket and started talking
about his Cavalcade of Auto Racing magazine.  The ‘CD Coville’ jacket got people started on
the wars he and Jack Johnson used to have at Albany-Saratoga and a ‘Smith and Sons
Speed Shop’ jacket brought Charland’s glory days to life again.
“Dick Hansen immediately donated his Mid-State championship jacket, which I put
alongside one I had from the late Pepper Eastman, and Kenny Tremont Jr. offered a #115
jacket from many years ago.  It’s a great way to share the treasures hidden away in the back
of a closet where nobody sees them and trigger memories of the racers and tracks of the
Anyone with a jacket to loan or donate can drop it off or ship it to the museum at 110
Avenue of the Pines, Saratoga Springs, NY with a brief description of the history it represents.
The Racing in New York gallery is also soliciting interesting memorabilia and race cars from
different eras for the next major racing exhibit, “NASCAR in New York.”  Anyone with items
relevant to the exhibit can contact Ron Hedger by e-mail at rjhmedia@juno.com or at 518-
885-7481 to discuss a loan of the items.

12/4/09 I am looking for a copy of David Stoodley's Book, The Legands of Watertown, do you
have any idea where I could buy a copy? Debbie Lasher

12/6/09 Debbie, I called David Stoodley and he doesn't have any left - anyone know
where Debbie and her father Chubby Leroux can get a copy?

12/5/09 Thank you Sir for the response. I was tired when that email was sent & the last line
should've read.... we look forward to the day when our web site is something like yours.
When I got it the #29 was just the body, cage & floorpan. It ended up in So. Maine has an
outdated cast off mod at Beech Ridge Speedway in the early 70's. Crashed, junked then
ended up on that farm, where the land owner later heard of my escapades & offered it to me.
Fortunately I was also able to speak with Ernie at lenght about it & he was great. Have since
located a 51' Chevy frame, attached the cage, assembled a Flemke front & aqquired an older
style quick change for it. Hope to have it rolling soon & certainly will keep you updated...
plan to purchase a new trailer soon & would very like in the future to return the car to show
in your area in memory of Ernie. A sincere thanks again for Mid State's efforts & your's as
well Jeff.
Somewhere there's a hell of a line up coming together & Ernie's smiling.............steve pellerin

12/4/09 Pics sent Steve - best of luck with your restoration and thanks for the
compliments - we apprecaite it. - Jeff

12/3/09 Hi Jeff
Steve Pellerin in Maine. Was on your excellent site yesterday looking for some past pics &
info about Ernie while sadly lamenting the loss of this pioneer. I did see several pics of him
in shots of long gone track pages as well as on the guest book page.
I'm one of the charter members of the Maine Vintage Race Car Assn. & a longtime member
of NEAR. Helped form the Maine Motorsports Hall of Fame & serve on the Selection
Committee for that group as well as a Maine Rep for the NEAR Hall of Fame & Veterans
committee as well.
I currently own 5 restored vintage race cars that ran in the 60's on dirt at Beech Ridge
Speedway here in Maine, as well as 2 more cars currently under construction. They consist
of a 57 Chevy, 2 bomber coupes (6 cyl.) a cutdown, & a Camaro Late model. I'm also half
owner of 3 other vintage cars....2 mods & an older super. These great old cars represent over
2 dozen championships & Halls of Fame. Racing history like many in your club, is my
One of the cars being redone in my shop is the #29 that Ernie drove. The remains were
found  in the woods on an old farm several years here in Maine & given to me. I only saw
Ernie run a few times & didn't know him well, but realized the importance of his legacy &
the need to save this car. I have but a few precious pics...so you might imagine my surprise
when I saw it in the guest book & how gratified I was to see it.
Might you know who I could check to see if I could obtain a copy of that pic? I haven't made
my mind up whether to do the car in red or the later gold version, & that will help. From
wandering around your site I'm hopes that someday the Maine will somewhat up the level
Midstate is.  thank you    steve

11/30/09 I received a call from Rod Nacewicz today and he forwarded the address for
Jean Gahan in case anyone wanted to send condolence cards in relation to Ernies
death. The Address is :

Jean Gahan
80 Olde Madburry Lane
Dover, NH 03820

Ernies obituary can be viewed
here and a pair of nice articles on him written by Lew
Boyd can be viewed
here and here. RIP Ernie. - Jeff

11/27/09 Hi to all across the US and Canada,
A good friend of mine that did the excellent DVD on the history of Roll-O-Bowl is asking for
some help on his next endeavor on Stateline Speedway near Jamestown, NY from 56-65.  If
you can help in any way with his requests below please communicate directly with him via
his e-mail or phone listed below.  Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and didn't get
trampled in the stores today. Remember to mark your calendars for the CLR South and
North luncheons in 2010, January 27 at Brandon FL and July 28 at Moonwinks in Cuba NY.
Ford Easton

Some of us who produced the documentary film on Roll-O-Bowl Speedway have taken up a
new project: Stateline Speeday. But because Stateline has a 54 year history, making it an
almost impossible task, we have decided to focus on just the first ten years: 1956-1965. To
date we have interviewed Squirt Johns, Marv Thorpe, Bob Schnars, Eddie Kisko, Tom Dill,
John Whtehead, Sammy LaMancuso, Floyd Fanale, Jim Pollaro, Ken Shearer, Don Frank,
Jerry Frank, and Ron Blackmer. We have about six to eight more people on our to-do list. We
had spoken with Emory about an interview, but unfortunately he died before we were able to
get it done.
We are also busy gathering photos and are searching for any films of that era. Then comes
the hard part - writing the script - followed by the actual production. We have a goal of
premiering the film in September 2010.
Would you be so kind as to put the word out that we are searching for film, photos and other
memoabilia from Stateline 1956-65. I can be reached at 716-763-2173 or randy28b@netsync.
Best wishes.

11/21/09 November 14,2009 was Danny Odys 4th annual nostalgia held down in Albany,
NY. Now if you have never been to one of these wing dings it is a must for next year as this
event is a standing room only event.
Drivers on hand that I reconized were Mert Hulbert, Link Pettit, Wynn Slavin, Mike Ehring,
Ernie Marshall and at least a dozen I cant name. Mimi Lazzaro was on hand with a nice
display of Louie's items and very nice to visit with.
The food was out of this world and plenty of it. The hot wings and I mean HOT was another
story. They even held a contest to see who could eat the most I believe Lebanon Valley
Speedway came out on top?
Danny had plenty copys of the second edition of lost speedways to sell and is as good as
vol#1. He started his own little hall of fame and who else but his Dad his mentor to receive
the first one how fitting.
We had six photo albums on hand covering the Fonda,Victoria and Lebanon Valley days. But
our high light was when a gentelmen introduced him self as Dave Davies the man who
orginally hand lettered the Jack Johnson Tony Valano owned Falcon Sharon now owns what
a small world we live in. They are in the process of doing a book on his life he began the sign
business in the 50's as a 12 year old and now is grooming two grand childern in the
bussiness. He told us the story of another Falcon he lettered he told them he wanted to try
some gold leaf paint and they reached into their poctets and handed him a wad of cash and
said have at it.. We will keep you posted on the release of the book. Rick Parry

Saratoga Springs, NY             The Saratoga Automobile Museum’s most popular auto racing
program, Lost Speedways, is set to bring gone but not forgotten race tracks back to life again
on Saturday, November 28.  
Memorabilia displays will open at noon, followed by a driver autograph session at 12:30 pm
and formal presentations at 1:15 pm, with bench racing to continue through the museum’s
closing at 5 pm.  The event, which always draws a full house, allows fans and former
participants to bring their treasures to share with others as well as hear talks and view photo
displays that rekindle smoldering memories of the golden age of auto racing.
Topics to be addressed include racing at the Lebanon Valley Speedway before the high
banks were constructed, the original beach course at Daytona, area flat-track motorcycle
venues, the 500 lap team races at Riverside Park, Vermonters against the New Yorkers at the
Pico Speedway, the race tracks of New York City and the Albany-Saratoga Speedway in its
first incarnation as an asphalt track.
“We’ve had a lot of interest in all the topics but with the new pavement going in at Albany-
Saratoga this month, interest is especially high in the golden age of NASCAR at Malta,” said
Lost Speedways coordinator Ron Hedger.  “At first, I listed the topic as ‘tentative’ but with all
the interest, it’s a definite go.  I’ll talk a little about the history of the track, then I’m going to
show a couple of dozen pictures of the stars of the day and have Hall of Fame driver Brian
Ross offer his comments on each of them.  It should be a great way to recall just how
competitive Friday nights were in the NASCAR days.  This time we’ll concentrate on the
modifieds and next year we’ll devote a segment to the support classes.”
The event is free to museum members, with others paying the regular admission fee.  There
is no charge for displaying photo albums, scrapbooks and other personal memorabilia,
though commercial vendors offering items for sale will be assessed a slight fee.
The Saratoga Automobile Museum is located just off Exit 13 N of the Adirondack Northway (I-
87) on the Avenue of the Pines in the Saratoga Spa State Park.  More information is available
online at www.saratogaautomuseum.org.

11/16/09  Hi I am hoping maybe one of your members may be able in identifying who
ground my 48 Merc 59ab camshaft.  The engine was built up many, many years ago.   The
engine was bored and stroked to 276 cubic inches, fully relieved with Johnson lifters,
Fenton headers and an early block letter Edelbrock duel hirise intake.  I have been trying
without success to identify who ground the cam.  The cam has a letter E etched on the end
next to the distributor slot and has an E with A A stamped about a third of the way down the
shaft.  If you have any ideas and or even guesses on the grinder I would appreciate any info
you can give me.
I really enjoyed looking at your website.  It was mentioned on FORDBARN and decided to
take a look. It was a nice nostalgic trip back to my Friday nights at Blanket Hill Speedway in
Kitanning, Pa. and Sarver Pa. Lernerville Speedway.  I still go to Lernerville it is a great track
but I do miss those coupes. Larry Horansky

11/6/09 Jeff, I am giving a presentation on the history of Afton Speedway  to the
Afton Historical Society on November 19th at 7:00 PM. My brother Rick and Myself will be
talking about the pre war years 1933 to 1941. We will have the programs from 33
to 39, biographies on some of the more famous drivers that raced there, Quite a
few photos of the cars and maybe bring the body from the Johnny Carpenter car. It
will be in the Susquehanna room behind the public library in the Jack Bolster building
across from the feed store right on Rt 7. The public is welcome so anybody in the club
that is interested can come to the presentation. Hope to see you all there .
Alan Tatich

10/31/09 Just went through your pictures of the stock cars at Glen Aubrey Raceway and
was pleasantly surprised to see a picture of my father, Stan Rumsey.  His car was 101 on the
first page.  So many of the names are familiar to me from my childhood.  My dad raced also
at Chemung and Dryden.  I have the picture on your site plus alot more that my father had.
Thanks so much for the trip down memory lane. Jan Rumsey Aletras

11/1/09 I'm glad you enjoy the site Jan, have a good week - Jeff

Saratoga Springs, NY           The traditional “Saturday after Thanksgiving” date for the
Saratoga Automobile Museum’s wildly popular Lost Speedways program is rapidly
approaching and with it, the list of “guaranteed starters” continues to grow.
The latest addition to the November 28th program is driver Kenny Meisenhelder of Agawam,
MA, who will describe racing in the last 500-lap team race ever held at Riverside Park.  After
his short track days, Meisenhelder went on to compete in the NASCAR Grand National ranks
before taking up yet another career as a racing videographer.  He’ll combine his many
talents at Lost Speedways, offering historic videos to the public along with the tales he will
share during author, publisher and historian Lew Boyd’s Riverside Park presentation.
Meisenhelder will be joined by another Grand National “old timer,” Russ Truelove, who will
describe racing on the old Daytona Beach sand and highway course that preceded the
superspeedway.  He will be partnered with Lime Rock Park announcer and racing historian
Greg Rickes.  
Presentations on a more local note will include Ed Biittig’s talk on Lebanon Valley Speedway
before today’s high banks were installed, Bill Ladabouche’s recollections of New Yorkers
racing at Vermont’s Pico Speedway and Mark Supley’s history of Capital District flat track
motorcycle racing.  Now defunct tracks in and around New York City will be recalled by
National Speed Sport News columnist Gary London and, if time permits, Ron Hedger and
Brian Ross will take a quick look back at Albany-Saratoga Speedway during its first
incarnation as an asphalt track.
Museum visitors are encouraged to bring their memorabilia to share, beginning at noon,
with drivers on hand to participate in an autograph session at 12:30 and the formal
presentations to begin in the Racing in New York gallery at 1:15 pm.  
The newly installed Golub Gallery exhibit will be “Vivacious Vettes,” seventeen gleaming
Corvettes from Jack Gillette’s amazing collection.
The Saratoga Automobile Museum is located on the Avenue of the Pines in the Saratoga Spa
State Park, just off Exit 13N of I-87, the Adirondack Northway.

Dirt track ace Mike Romano, two-time NASCAR national modified champion Jimmy Spencer,
two-surface star Charlie Rudolph and highly respected car owner Jerry Higbie Sr. have been
elected to the New York State Stock Car Association’s Hall of Fame for induction in January,
A three-time Fonda Speedway big block modified champion with 48 wins, placing him
behind only Jack Johnson, Lou Lazzaro, Dave Lape, Kenny Shoemaker and Pete Corey in
career statistics, Romano was also a very successful small block racer at Fonda, claiming 21
wins and two championships in the 320 division and another five wins and a title with the
He was also a star on the road, recording numerous wins on the Fulton/Utica-Rome “outlaw”
circuit and claiming the 1995 big block titles at both Drummondville and Granby, Quebec.  
All told, Romano had recorded some 77 big block and 33 small block wins before a
premature retirement precipitated by ongoing health problems.  He remains active in the
sport, operating a speed shop business and promoting the Glen Ridge Speedway with
partner Jake Spraker.
A native of Berwick, PA. and son of dirt LM star Ed Spencer, Jimmy Spencer first displayed
his asphalt prowess at New York’s super-fast Shangri-La Speedway in the family crewed #24
modified, claiming some two dozen wins and the 1983 track title running against such
stellar competition as George Kent and Richie Evans.  Known even then as “Mr. Excitement,”
he also won the 1987 Busch North race at Shangri-La driving for owner Frank Cicci and the
1983 Race of Champions at Pocono.  
Fifteen NASCAR modified tour wins and the 1986 and ’87 national championships followed,
after which Spencer went on to the national Busch series, where he recorded 12 wins, and
Winston Cup competition, where he scored popular superspeedway wins at Daytona and
Always in the middle of the action on the track, Spencer brings an equally exciting presence
to his TV work for Speed, where he continues to entertain race fans from coast to coast with
insightful analysis of Sprint Cup happenings.
A second generation star like Spencer, Rudolph was equally adept on asphalt and dirt,
claiming Lancaster Speedway championships in 1980, ’92 and ’93 to go with a pair of
Ransomville titles and the 1986 championships at Cayuga County and Rolling Wheels
Raceway.   The highlight of his DIRT involvement was winning the ’86 MR DIRT title but he
was also a two-time winner of the Mohawk Valley 200 at Fonda, claimed some 17
Canandaigua wins and was second to Jimmy Horton at Syracuse in 1987.
After recording 49 DIRT big block wins, Rudolph, an engineer by trade, changed directions
once again, qualifying for four Winston Cup events after bringing Sunoco into the sport for
the first time.  After retiring as a driver, he was crewchief for modified star Chuck Hossfeld
and in recent years has supported son Erik’s career.  The high school senior, now one of
NASCAR’s top modified drivers, has also had success on the DIRT circuit, winning the 2008
Sportsman race at Syracuse.
Higbie began his career as a driver in the mid-1960’s but soon found his niche as an owner
along with his brother, Gary.  Together they fielded cars at Accord, Orange County and
Nazareth, winning first in the Sportsman ranks and then in the big blocks with such talent
as Bobby Bottcher, Rich Ricci Sr., Bruce Quinn, Larry Brolsma, Jeff Heotzler, Steve
Bottcher, Frank Cozze, Rich Ricci Jr and Eddie Marshall at the wheel.
With his brother’s retirement from the sport, Jerry turned his attention to the career of his
son, Jerry Jr., who has become one of the area’s most successful pilots, winning track titles
at Accord and Orange County as well as running very competitively at Syracuse.  Higbie,
always a gentleman, became a Hall of Fame owner by giving talented drivers the opportunity
to reach their potential and become consistent winners, in the process making the sport
The new Hall of Fame members will be inducted at the NYSSCA banquet on Saturday night,
January 23rd at the Polish American Club in Albany, NY, with a ceremony Sunday morning
at 11 am at the Saratoga Automobile Museum, site of the association’s permanent Hall of
Fame display.  The event will feature extensive remarks by the inductees as well as a
question and answer session involving the audience.
The New York State Stock Car Association membership includes racers at all levels, media
members, officials, industry representatives and fans dedicated to improving the sport at the
short track level.  The group is nationally known for its benefit plan dedicated to aiding
members who are out of work due to racing related injuries.

10/19/09 Good Monday evening to racing folks all across the US and Canada,
Marg and I were out of the Country and at one of our stops I got computer access and
scanned it quickly.  The only subject I remember seeing was an e-mail from a friend Reggie
from Jamestown and it said Emory Mahan.  I didn't have to open it as it was obvious that
Emory a friend and great driver from our past was no longer with us.  I did open it and it was
confirmed although I didn't want to acknowledge that it had happened.  This was very selfish
on my part as I knew Emory had been going thru one of the very worse types of cancer there
is and now his suffering was over and he was at peace.  Emory and his wife Nora attended
the the Cuba Lake Raceway luncheon in July this year so it was so good to see him and
shake his hand for what became the last time.
Naturally Emory's family is most affected by his passing but another family out here from his
racing world also grieves our loss of this great man and friend to many of us.  I only knew
Emory for the past 8 years but we became friends and he was our guest speaker at the Cuba
Lake Raceway luncheon/reunion in 2005.  Many others in the racing world raced with
Emory and became his very close friend.  He will be missed by all of us that knew him or
knew of him and his great racing career.  Drive on Emory drive on!!
Emory Mahan out of Warren PA was a stock car driver from the late 40s to 1982 on the
tracks of the NE and Mid-West. Word has it that when Dean Layfield and Emory were in the
same race back in the 50s and early 60s it was always a toss up who was going to win the
race providing they both were running at the end. I consider Dean Layfield one of the
greatest race car drivers I ever saw race, so that means Emory Mahan was of the same caliber.
From 1949 and for many racing seasons the black 8 ball and Emory Mahan became almost
synonomous with automobile racing for race fans far and wide. In the early years Emory was
the terror of Dickey-Ben Speedway in Warren in the green and black Buick coupe and
continued that to other tracks including: Civic Stadium in Buffalo, Wellsville Fairgrounds,
Clarion Park, Shippensville, Meadville, Sportman's Field in Erie and Butler Fairgrounds.
When Late models became popular Emory switched to a 55 Chevy and was a spectacular
success at Skyline Speedway winning most of the regular events and 50 lap contests. In 57
Emory built a fuel injected 57 Chevy and journeyed to the high banks of Dayton Ohio and
finished 4th in the brand new car against the the finest mid west dri'vers of the time. He also
traveled to tracks such as Toledo, Monroe County Fairgrounds at Rochester, Syracuse Mile,
Canfield and locally ran e'vents at Stateline and Skyline. In none of these races did he finish
out of the top 10.
During 58 Emory set a qualifying record for late model stock cars at the famed Williams
Grove near Harrisburg. This qualifying record put him on the pole with the likes of Sam
Hanks, Troy Ruttman, Johnny Parsons and Jerry Unser behind him for the race. Some
company in that race wasn't it!!  His engine let go on lap 67 while battling with Jerry Unser
and he was forced to exit the race.

PS A very good video was done on Emory's racing career when he was inducted into the
Warren County Sports hall of fame.  Clink on this link to view it:  

Ford Easton, St. Petersburg, FL

10/8/09 We are now putting together information on John Gunkler who raced at Waterloo
Speedway and Weedsport N Y. John also won  at the N Y State Fair we believe in 1960 or
1961. Car was owned by Clint Mead of Clyder NY. He was very successful at these tracks for
many years. The Car # was 1. It was White top with Blue bottom. Racing in the early 60's to
mid 60's. John has since passed away many years ago. If possible, we would love information,
stories and of course pictures. He may be placed in the Clyde Hall of Fame Sports mus.
My name is Thomas N Marro of Geneva N.Y and can be contected at my E-Mail address
Newton222@verizon.net or call at 315-781-0323,,Thanks again.

10/12/09 Hi Tom, from the 'Syracuse Scrapbook' by Gary Spaid and Bob Hunter,
John's best finish at the Fair was third in 1959 behind Jack Murphy and Bobby Cain.
Cliff Kotary won the State Fair races from 1960-1965. A good source for Waterloo
trivia is Chuck Brownell of Newark - (315) 548-4526. - Jeff

The most popular Racing in New York gallery program will return on the traditional
“Saturday after Thanksgiving” date with memorabilia displays, driver autographs and
presentations recalling speedways no longer in existence.
Memorabilia at Noon – Autograph Session at 12:30
Presentations in the Racing in NY Gallery at 1:15
Lebanon Valley Before the High Banks – Ed Bittig Sr.
Flat Track Motorcycle Racing – Mark Supley
Pico, VT. Speedway’s NY Stars – Bill Ladabouche
The Tracks of New York City – Gary London
Team Racing at Riverside Park – Lew Boyd and former participants
The Beach Course at Daytona – Russ Truelove and Greg Rickes
Albany-Saratoga -The Old Asphalt Days – Brian Ross and Ron Hedger
The Saratoga Automobile Museum is on the Avenue of the Pines in the Saratoga Spa State
park, between Rt. 9 and Rt. 50, off Northway Exit 13N
If you have memorabilia to share, please have it ready for display before noon.  The museum
opens at 10 am and memorabilia tables will be available at 11 am.  Beginning in early
November, the Golub Gallery display will be Jack Gillette’s amazing Corvette collection.

9/28/09 I have #412 sock car that I believe was driven by Tom Kupichener in the 1950s, in
the Westport, Waterloo, Beavertown, Lafhyette area. I can not find any additional information
or photos of it. I would greatly appreciate any information you could give me, or tell me
where to look. Thank you Tom Douglass

10/4/09 Great find Tom, anyone got any info for him? - Jeff


9/27/09 Thank you for the information E. J.  - Jeff

9/18/09 Gentlemen, I am a motorcycle guy and a lifelong flathead enthusiast.  I found your
website today while looking for info on Winfield cams..   Your technical info was like going to
church.   God Bless and please continue your excellent work.    Flatheads keep me centered
and sane in an insane world..........Larry Doane  - Agua Dulce, Ca. - The land of shake, bake
and lots of flame.

9/20/09 Thanks Larry for you interest and comliments, glad you like the site. - Jeff

8/10/09 Just wanted to drop a line to let you know that I really enjoy the web site.  The
event writeups make me feel like I was there with you.  Great quality in your photos and
download time is good on my dial up line.
Thanks for keeping vintage cars on the track.
Ken Paulsen - New Hampshire

8/20/09 And thank you Ken for the nice note. - Jeff

8/5/09 Hello Friends,
Many of you were unable to attend my Dad’s funeral and after celebration at the PIT
(Performance Instruction and Training).  We ended his “Celebration of Life” with a video
tribute in the theater. I have included the links to that tribute on YOUTUBE for all to see and
Thank you to everyone for all your kind words and support.  I miss my father immensely, but
he is no longer in pain and is in a better place.
We will have a final memorial service in NY on Aug. 8 Saturday with his burial in the
Brownville Cemetery to follow.  Interesting enough, half of his ashes are in NC.  On Father’s
Day, I buried part of his ashes with Joyce and the remaining half on the third turn infield at
Lowes Motor Speedway.  He would have liked that.  
His tribute consisted of two separate videos, so there are two links below.  Make sure to Click
the links in the correct order.  
Joni May Hubbard
Atlanta  1982 Starting Lineup Link:           See row 12  (You will enjoy this DK!)
Dick May Tribute Link:

8/7/09 Thank you Joni- Jeff

7/30/09 I went on your site today saw the story on Dick May. I knew Dick back in the late
70s when he had his shop at CMS. I was a 21 year old hanging around the shop helping
him. I was wanting to race bad and had found a car I was going to buy. It was an old
Studebaker that had raced dirt in the Carolinas for 10 years or so It had been sitting at a
guys house for 5 years or so in the weather. Dick went with me to look at the car
pronounced it a death trap and told me he would whip me if I bought it. We later on found
me a safe car to race. Dick probably saved my life another guy bought the car and crashed it
and was seriosly injured. I was sad to see Dick had passed away. On another note I drove
that Ford truck that he owned in the picture a few times to races etc. RIP Dick your friend
Smokey Joe aka 'The Kid' - Stuart Bragg

7/28/09 A memorial service and “Celebration of Life” for Dick May will be held Saturday,
August 8th , 1PM at the Brownville Methodist Church and burial will follow at the Brownville
Cemetary.   Mr. May died June 9 in NC where he resided for 30 years and raced in the
NASCAR Winston Cup Series from 1967 to 1986. Joni May

Saratoga Springs, NY. The Saratoga Automobile Museum’s most popular ongoing program,
Lost Speedways, will return on November 28, 2009, its traditional “Saturday after
Thanksgiving” date.  
Highlighting the afternoon’s presentations will be NASCAR pioneer Russ Truelove’s
recollections of his experiences racing on the old Daytona Beach course, where racers roared
south on a narrow highway, then back north on the treacherous beach sand to complete
their lap.  In that era, it was common for northeastern racers to drive their nearly stock cars
to Florida, run the race and then, hopefully, drive them home again.
“We’ve found that the Saturday after Thanksgiving is the perfect day for Lost Speedways,
with well-fed racers and fans ready for some racing action instead of hitting the malls with
hordes of other shoppers,” said Ron Hedger, coordinator of the museum’s Racing in New
York gallery and event organizer.  “We’ve got some great speakers lined up for the Racing in
New York gallery upstairs and like other years, we’ll have the downstairs full of memorabilia
for visitors to share and enjoy.  We’ll also have a new feature, an autograph session featuring
all the past and present drivers who traditionally turn out for the event.”
The focus of Lost Speedways is a look back at tracks or speedway configurations that no
longer exist except in photos and golden memories and like past years, a varied lineup is on
Truelove and sidekick Greg Rickes will be joined by racing historian and Gater News
columnist Ed Biittig, who will discuss the Lebanon Valley Speedway before the high banks
went up, and Mark Supley, who will return to expand on his popular recollections of flat
track motorcycle racing in the area.  
National Speed Sport News columnist Gary London will be on hand to discuss the lost tracks
of New York City, with Speedway Illustrated contributor and racing book publisher Lew Boyd
set to discuss the fabled team races at Riverside Park in Agawam, MA, hopefully with a
former competitor or two jumping in to highlight his tales.  
Another highly respected historian, web site operator Bill Ladabouche, will hit on a number
of subjects, including the New Yorkers who competed at the old Pico Speedway near
Rutland, VT.  Ladabouche may also be joined by a mystery guest, best described as southern
Vermont’s most colorful auto racing promoter.
Those with memorabilia to share are asked to have it on display by noon, with drivers invited
to meet their old fans and sign autographs at 12:30.  The Lost Speedway presentations will
begin at 1:15 pm and continue through the afternoon.

7/6/09 Good Monday evening to all,
Well the time is drawing near for your RSVP and payment to arrive here in Florida if you
haven't already sent it before we pack up and head north for the CLR luncheon/reunion.  A
very important phone call was received here in St. Petersburg over the weekend from a great
stock car driver in the 50s and 60s Bill Wimble.  Bill is releasing his new book "I'll never be
last again" at the Utica-Rome Speedway on July 22 and guess where his next book-signing
release event will be at in the Country!!  Your right, the Cuba Lake Raceway
luncheon/reunion.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Bill for several years now and he
sure is enjoyable to be around.  He competed against a number of our own drivers that
attend the luncheon each year like Bill Rafter and Eddie Ortiz.
Bill Wimble was the winner of 14 track championships at 8 different tracks in NYS and New
England and 5 NYS and 2 Conn. state championships under the NASCAR banner in the 50's
and 60's with his famous 33 car. Bill also won the 1960 Sportsman(Nationwide series now)
championship and tied for the 1961 title.
Bill was also one of the inaugural Dirt Hall of Fame inductees along with our own Bill Rafter.
I am sure you will enjoy meeting Bill and talking racing from those great days.  Bill and his
wife Nancy are really looking forward to attending the CLR luncheon/reunion with all of us.
If you haven't sent in your RSVP and payment do it soon as I must have it by next Monday as
no day of the luncheon payments can be made.                                     
Cuba Lake Raceway 7th annual luncheon/reunion July 29th 2009
The 7th annual CLR luncheon/reunion will be held on Wednesday July 29, 2009 at
Moonwinks restaurant just north of Cuba, NY on Rt. 305 and 1/2 mile from the site of the
CLR track.  Registration starts at 10:30 with lunch at 12:15pm.  Cost is $14 per person with
a choice of Baked Ham with Pineapple Sauce or Roast Turkey with Stuffing & Gravy.  RSVP
required and to be at Florida address by July 13th along with name(s) of person(s) attending
and choice of entree for each.  Check or money order made payable to: Ford Easton, 5200
28th St. N. # 651, St. Petersburg, FL 33714.  Harold Sager great person and famous race car
and engine builder in the 50s - 60s including chief mechanic position for a Jim Hurtubise
car at Indy is guest speaker.  Seating is limited.  Any questions fjeaston@aol.com or 727-522-

Kirkwood, NY…Special is an understatement when race fans talk about the annual Heath
Memorial event at Five Mile Point Speedway.  The event honors the memory of Anna and
Irving Heath, the founders/builders of the speedway.  Today their grandson Andrew Harpell
owns and operates the speedway.  This Saturday the Heath Memorial will be run for the 45th
time.  Racing gets underway at 6 p.m. with Kiddie Rides available for the youngsters at 5:15 p.
The 45th running of the Heath Memorial will see a special 45 lap Modified feature event
paying $2,000 to the race winner.  A full program of Sportsman, Pure Stocks, IMCA Modifieds
and Lightning Cats will also be in action.
Modified campaigner Carl Nagel of West Windsor, NY will be honored and presented with a
“key to the quarter mile” as he is in the midst of a remarkable 50th year of racing at the
speedway.  Nagel has won just under 200 feature events and has earned 13 Track
Championships at speedways throughout the northeast.  In 2005 he was inducted in to the
DIRT Motorsports Hall of Fame at the Cayuga County Fairgrounds in Weedsport, New York.
The list of accomplishments for Nagel are so many that they could only be summed up in a
novel.  For six decades he has competed at a level that most drivers would hope to establish as
their best season of racing.  Nagel has logged countless feature wins at Five Mile Point
Speedway and has led some of the best to the win along the way.  “Bubby” as Carl has been
nicknamed for many years is a former Five Mile Point Speedway Track Champion and also a
three time winner of the Heath Memorial.  
His most recent feature victory came on Saturday, May 5th of 2007 at Five Mile Point
Speedway when he won the STAR Series 50 lap special event at the young age of 67.  The
win made him the oldest driver to ever log a feature victory at the speedway.  It was his first
victory at the speedway since 1990 and came on a night that honored the passing of “Irish”
Joe Donahue, a former Modified competitor with Nagel for decades.
“Bubby” as Carl has been nicknamed for many years is a former Five Mile Point Speedway
Track Champion and also a three time winner of the Heath Memorial.  
A legend of area racing the staff and family of Five Mile Point Speedway looks forward to
honoring Carl “Bubby” Nagel this Saturday night.  The official Carl Nagel racing website can
be found at
The annual Racers Reunion will again bring back all of the legends of racing to Five Mile
Point Speedway.  All of the former drivers will be introduced during the evening and each
year drivers return from all over the United States for this event.
Racing gets underway at 6:00 p.m. this Saturday night.  For the youngsters, Kiddie Rides will
take place at 5:15 p.m. For more information please phone the speedway offices at 607-775-
5555 or log on to

6/25/09 Congratulations Carl! Go get 'em, see you Saturday night. - Jeff

6/20/09 Looky what came in the
mail yesterday... Another 'must have'
from pensmith Lew Boyd, I've been
looking forward to this release since
I knew about it. Get to Utica-Rome
on July 22nd and get your copy
autographed by Bill. See you there.

6/18/09 Just went down memory lane with those  pics and history of the tracks at Five Mile
Point, Chemung, Shangri-La, Twin Valley, and would like pics/articles from 62 on also for
Glen Aubrey that Gary Rudler drove in....just hooked back up with him from 45 years ago
after I lost my husband....Gary's practically an invalid now, had to move and with limited
space, he had to throw out all his scrapbooks  and trophies from a time in his life that he
relives every day....I've tried to get info (at least a few clippings) especially Shangri-La,
Chemung, Twin Valley and Glen Aubrey for him without success and wanted to print off all
this info for him but I'm "not allowed"....please tell me how I can get your pics from these
tracks and anyplace I can get any articles about him.
Have tried contacting Binghamton Press Sports person, and he's been less than helpful.  
Talked to a lady at Broome County Library and she said it'd be $10/hr for one of them to
look up the micro-fiche and/or I could have someone go look at it all, but that it won't just
zoom to Sports section and I'd need exact dates....I'm in Florida...kind of hard for me to do
Would appreciate any help...thanks. Jill Denucci

6/21/09 If anyone has any pics or articles including Gary Rudler, please let us know
and we'll pass along to Jill. Thanks - Jeff


6/21/09 Thanks once again Bill, anybody got any pics? - Jeff

6/12/09 To whom this may concern, I love all the old photos !!
I am currently rounding up my old photos GAR / 5Mile / Shangri-La in hopes that you will
post them. I don't have many, but I am sure that they might mean a lot for some folks.
What format would be the easiest way for you to accept my contributions?
Thank You,  Rick Redpath          (son of Dick Redpath:  #2, #50, #150, #85  1956-1964)

6/14/09 Nice meeting you yesterday Rick - best format is Jpeg, 72 Dpi is fine and you
can e-mail them to me here at the site. Thank you - Jeff

6/11/09 Dick May Born Nov. 7, 1930                    Deceased June 9, 2009
Calling Hours:  Monday June 15 at 1PM in the afternoon  and in the evening at 7PM
Funeral service will be conducted at Cavin-Cook Funeral Home, Mooresville NC at Tuesday,
June 16 at 1PM followed by a processional to the reception facilities of Performance
Instruction & Training (PIT), 156 Byers Creek Rd., Mooresville, NC where Family and Friends
will continue a “Celebration of Life” for Dick until 5PM.
Cavin-Cook Funeral Home

6/11/09   Cuba Lake Raceway 7th annual luncheon/reunion July 29th 2009
The 7th annual CLR luncheon/reunion will be held on Wednesday July 29, 2009 at
Moonwinks restaurant just north of Cuba, NY on Rt. 305 and 1/2 mile from the site of the
CLR track.  Registration starts at 10:30 with lunch at 12:15pm.  Cost is $14 per person with
a choice of Baked Ham with Pineapple Sauce or Roast Turkey with Stuffing & Gravy.  RSVP
required and to be at Florida address by July 13th along with name(s) of person(s) attending
and choice of entree for each.  Check or money order made payable to: Ford Easton, 5200
28th St. N. # 651, St. Petersburg, FL 33714.  Harold Sager great and famous race car and
engine builder in the 50s - 60s including chief mechanic position for a Jim Hurtubise car
that qualified at Indy is guest speaker.  Seating is limited.  Any questions fjeaston@aol.com
or 727-522-4042.

6/14/09 Thanks Ford - this is a great event to attend if you can. - Jeff

6/9/09 Dear Friends
It is with extreme sadness I must report that my father, Dick May, passed away this
afternoon at 3:50PM.  As many of you know, he has been quite sick for the past year and his
body was just worn out when pneumonia set in.  In his own words, “He hit the wall for the
final time”.  His humor was intact and he was strong until the end.  Thank you to all who
have given me kind words and strength during this difficult time.  
Funeral Arrangements are with the Cavin Cook Funeral Home in Mooresville, NC (date
pending) and a memorial service will also be held in NY at a future date in late June or early
Joni May

6/10/09 Joni, please accept our condolences on your family's loss, Dick was a great
guy and will be sorely missed. I am sorry. - Jeff

6/6/09 Chemung Speedrome fans responded to the call for help during the 5/30/09 show's
intermission. Ron Kent, younger brother of George “The Duke” is terminally ill and his wish
is to return to his family in Horseheads, NY. Drivers passed their helmets and $806.24 went
to the Kent family to help with expenses. Billy Griffin, owner of Classic Auto and a longtime
friend of the family, has donated a motor home so that they can travel comfortably. Ron Kent
owned the famed #26 Modified that George drove to countless feature wins early in his
career. Others wishing to help should call Bob Stapleton at 607-857-4843 for more

6/7/09 Thanks once again to Mark Southcott for passing this info along, best wishes
to Ron. -Jeff

6/5/09 Good Evening Friends,
I just received a call from my Dad’s Doctor at the VA Home.  Unfortunately, he has taken a
turn for the worse.  I have been advised to contact Hospice and consider “comfort” measures
to help Dad.  It is also suggested by his Doctor to notify his family and friends to let you
know that anyone who wishes to see him should do so sooner rather than later.  He may not
even know you are there, so please keep that in mind.   Yet who knows…..tomorrow he may
be more alert.  He seemed better to me yesterday, but like so many days in the past year,
everyday is different.    Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.
Sincerely, Joni May

6/7/09 Thank you Joni, I'm praying for the best for Dick and your family - Jeff

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 with registration at 10:30 a.m. and lunch at 12:15 p.m. with
choice of baked ham with pineapple sauce or roast turkey with stuffing and gravy.
Moonwinks Restaurant
9302 Jackson Hill Rd./Route 305 (half mile from site of CLR track and just north of Cuba)
Cuba, NY 14727
Admission is $14.00 and seating is limited!
Guest speaker: Harold Sager - chief mechanic for Jim Hurtubise, racecar and engine builder
* Check or money order made payable by Monday, July 13, 2009 with choice of entree and
names of people attending:
Ford Easton
5200 28th St. N. #651
St. Petersburg, FL 33714
* Contact fjeaston@aol.com or 727-522-4042 with any questions.

6/7/09 Thanks to Mark Southcott for passing this along - a great event! - Jeff

6/1/09 Jeff: Everything is well done here in NJ as well.  Thanks for thinking of me.  I'll start
beating the bushes down here for an F-4 as well.
I have two other cams I want to try:  Clay Smith 272-2 and a Melling A-200.  I think I'm going
to go with the Potvin 3/8ths if I can't locate an F-4 before my latest build goes together.
If you do run that 353-2, let me know what you think.  I'd appreciate it.
Take care and keep in touch.  I appreciate it. Tim Ayers

6/7/09 Allright fellas, who has a spare Weber F-4 laying around? Please contact me if
you do and I'll get ahold of Tim (at least with the 2nd one...) - Jeff

6/1/09 Hello All,
My Dad is still in the Rowan Medical Center (2 weeks as of tomorrow).  He was admitted with
a possible heart attack, but that does not seem to be the problem.  His cardiac enzymes were
elevated (indicating a heart attack), but apparently, he was extremely dehydrated which put
everything (electrolytes and potassium) out of whack.  He also has pneumonia, a urinary
tract infection, dysphasia (cannot swallow or eat without choking), and something new called
VRE bacterial colonization.
To get ahead of the eating and drinking problem, he now has a feeding tube.  Again….a
vicious circle.  The hydration and nutrition creates most of his problems.  Perhaps with the
feeding tube, now he will stabilize.  He is able to talk a bit, therefore, feel free to call him in
his room at:
(704) 210-5000   Room 408
Rowan Regional Medical Center
612 Mocksville Avenue
Salisbury, N.C. 28144
Thank you in advance for your support and concern.
Kind Regards,
Joni May Hubbard

6/1/09 Thanks you once again Joni for keeping us updated on Dick's condition, tell
him we said hello. Thanks - Jeff

5/21/09 This is for whoever is rebuilding the McClure #15 and was asking for help in the
translation of Das Gespritze Huhn. This is german for sure.
So it would it translates into english as:  THE SPRIZTER CHICKEN
Hope this helps. Chuck

5/26/09 Thank you Chuck, that's basically what I got too, now if I only knew what it
meant? - Jeff

4/28/09 Just a short note to say thank you all for your cards, visits and phone
calls during my recent surgery.
Recovery is going to be slow but all your thoughts and good wishes help.
See you all soon..........Larry Witter

5/4/09 Hope you are feeling better Larry. - Jeff

4/27/09 I found this in a 1967 fair book my Grandfather Clifford Ingalls had thought you
maybe interested in it... Bob Gossman

5/4/09 Great Stuff, thank you Bob. - Jeff

4/19/09 Hey Jeff, How's it going.  I saved this one from the scrapper yesterday.  Came out of
Penn Yan.  See link.     Ed

4/20/09 Looks good Ed, keep us updated on the restoration progress and history of
the car. Thanks  - Jeff

4/18/09 Dear Kenny Brock & Jeff, I am Howie Westervelt's 2nd cousin, my father was his
first cousin.   I just recently spent some time with Howie's wife and I believe I have the
history behind the #24 car. Jeff is right about the #83 car and the #24 car but there is more
to the story. Let me know how to contact you guys. I am also very interested, especially in
preserving Howies history.   His wife will be ecstatic to know it is still around and so am I !

4/20/09 Thanks Wayde, you can contact me here and I've sent you Kenny's e-mail
addy. - Jeff

4/9/09 I'm David E. Jones (Dave), son of Donald E. Jones (Don), of the West Danby area of
upstate New York.  I have one photo of my father, taken at Woodhall Raceway, from about
the early- to mid-60s.  I'm attempting to locate any more photos of my father's car(s) or of
him.  I know that he raced at the following tracks:  Woodhall, Dundee, Dryden Speedway,
Perry Speedway, Blodgett Mills, Chemung and Shangri-La and possibly other tracks.
If this will help, he used to race with the following drivers:  Herbie Green, Nolan Swift, Flying
Brian Osgood, Richie Evans, George Kent, and his brother-in-law Albert Van Dyke and his
brother Ernie Jones.  I was also told that my dad and uncles raced on a figure-eight track
somewhere in the New York/Pennsylvania area.

If anyone can help locate more photos or information about my father and his racing career,
you can contact me at
sirdave71@yahoo.com.  If anyone needs to post the photo that I have
of my father in his car at Woodhall, please also let me know.  I was also a racer from 1983 to
2007, at many area tracks in New York and Pennsylvania.  Thank you very much for any
help that you can give me

4/12/09 If we hear of anything, we'll pass it on Dave. Thanks - Jeff

4/8/09 Jeff:   A while back you asked me if there was a picture of the #38 coupe that was
wrecked at the state fair......I was at my Dad's today and I found this picture buried in some
other pictures.....as far as I know this must be the only one.   This picture shows Leo
Lewandowski driving the car and I asked my father about it.  He said that Ken Meahl and
him built all of my father's cars and Ken was the primary driver.   As you probably know Ken
was driving his own Nascar sportsman at this time but he always had priority to drive before
anyone else if he wanted to in the flat head sportsman.  I was browsing through your site
today and he saw the picture of Bruce Fleishman pulling into the pits at Waterloo.  Bruce
was a haired gun who won eleven features at Lancaster in 1962.  I guess Ken Meahl had a
chance to drive and Dad said Bruce kind of got upset about it....he told him too bad that was
the deal.  Thank you for your hard work on getting this history together....you inspired me to
get it also!  I have this crazy idea to build a replica of one of his cars but I think I am unable
to do it now......but I can still think about it. Let me know if you get this message and the
picture.   If you need the picture I will send it to you.
Thanks!   Bill Bentley

4/12/09 Thanks once again Bill for your interest and information. Above on the left is
Leo Lewandowski in the coupe Ken Meahl wrecked at the State Fair in 1963 as
captured by Don Phoenix on the right. Ken was lucky in this crash and only suffered a
lacerated arm. -Jeff

4/6/09 To Whom it my concern,  While doing research on my lastest engine project (a early
England Casted Ardun Headed Flathead) I came across your website. While going through
your site I saw a picture of a Miller SINGLE overhead cam model A.  Well, I'm sending you a
pic of one of my past projects, A Deryer DUAL overhead cam model A. I was told it was 1 of 5
known to exsist that Pops Deryer made before the war. After the war they were all Aluminum
like a Offy. The owner of the car at the time was a Friend of the family and had taken it out
to Michigan International Speedway. As you can tell by seeing the rod journal throught the
hole in the block a car set up to 1/4 Dirt dont belong on a 2 mile paved oval. WE WARNED
HIM AHEAD OF TIME. After the rebuild, He ran it few more time that sold the car. Last I
hurd, it was rolled across the aution block in Florida I think. When I was done it had Ross
Custom Pistons, Taylor H-beam Rods and a Small Block Chevy Rear Main Seal. Hope you
enjoy the pic. If I find a better picture (without a window in the block) I'll send it to you.
Thank you for your time and the wondeful website, Marty Willim
Willim Vintage Engines Carleton, MI
PS- Maybe you have seen or heard about my father's book, "The V8-60 Ford's Little
Powerhouse". If not, here is a link to it:

4/12/09 Neat Stuff Marty, thanks for sharing - those 60's are great! - Jeff

4/5/09 Subject: Dick May Update
Dear Family and Friends,
I wish to update you all on my Dad’s condition.  He is in room 123 on the 2nd floor of the NC
Veterans Home in Salisbury and can receive calls on his new cell phone which is actually his
home phone number (704-455-5019).  I have purchased him a hands-free device that
answers the phone automatically after two rings and he can speak through it much like a
speaker phone.  He can make outgoing calls by voice activation, but his speech is often so
poor, he has problems activating the device.  Therefore, please take a moment and call him if
only to say “hello”.  If his voice is labored, ask him to just listen and give him some positive
thoughts.  A two minute call means the world to him.  He has been receiving calls (and visits)
from Auntie Ruth, my Mother, Lindsay May, Bill Maxon and George Weber most often.  He
could use more friendly voices.  
At this time, he is struggling with pneumonia due to aspiration.  His swallowing problems
have made it almost impossible to avoid pneumonia.  He has good days….he has bad days.  
Two days ago, I was certain he could not go on.  When I saw him yesterday….he rallied!  Not
the same man I saw the day before!  Today, he is not great.  Everyday is different.  
I thank everyone in advance for any assistance that may possibly motivate him.
Kind Regards, Joni May

4/5/09 Thank you Joni for keeping us up to date on Dick's condition. Jeff

4/3/09 Your site is great, I was wondering if you have any more pictures of my father Bruce
Winton he raced number 197 at Brookfield and Morris. Mike Winton

4/5/09 If anyone has any pics of the #197 'Restored' by clubmember Mike Newell,
please let us know and we'll pass them along to Mike. - Jeff

4/2/09 Here are some more Pict's, show them around and see if anybody recognizes
anything. Thanks for your help. Kenny

Recieved this e-mail from Cuba Lake Re-union organizer Ford Easton:
Hi to all,
This year I want to give you plently of advance notice for the luncheon date so a conflict with
a vacation trip, reunion etc. doesn't cause you, your friends and family to miss attending.  In
the past several folks have had a conflict come up close to the date of the luncheon and they
couldn't attend.
The date for the 7th annual luncheon is
July 29 2009 (Wed).  It will be at Moonwinks just
north of the village of Cuba, NY.  I have polled many that have attended each year and
everyone agrees it is a great location for it so we are contining to have it here.
I will be sending out an e-mail in mid June with all the info. and instructions for sending
your reservations in to me.  As in the past two choices for your entree will be available.  The
luncheon is open to all that were involved or were fans of stock car racing in the 50s and
60s.  Have a great Spring and I will be back to you in a couple of months.
Ford Easton

This e-mail was forwarded by Richard Parry:
Hello Friends; I recieved an e-mail today from Chuck Pierce, Ron, his Dad, passed away this  
am around 2 am, home in bed with family by his side, peacefully in sleep. He  gave it a good
go, hung in a long time after the Docs predicted. Cancer had  spread into colon and other
glands from lung & kidney. I talked wit Ron
earlier this week, he was aware of his fate and in good spirits.
...........Life goes on.................as ever,   John P.
Ron Pierce was Charley Pierce's (owner of the Tommy Wilson driven P-13) son and sold
us the car several years ago, he was very good to us and interested in the restoration.
A nice man that will be sorely missed, we'd like to wish our condolences to the Pierce
Family. - Jeff

3/24/09 Hi Ken,
Great find, that's one sharp car. Howie Westervelt was a very succesfull racer at
Lebanon Valley and I beleive holds the record for feature wins in one season at that
track, although I don't beleive that was done in this car. He also was successful at
Victoria in Duanesburg and won once at Fonda in 1959 - see the FONDA! book, pages
111-112. He usually ran a car #83 with the Toll Gate Ice Cream sponsorship - the #24
was the Wright/Zauntner entry and Howie drove for them from '59-'63 until he was
replaced by Ken Shoemaker, other drivers of the Wright/Zauntner #24 included (in
brief stints, Richie Evans and Don McTavish). Westervelt didn't have as much luck
with the #24 as he did the #83. Another fellow to talk to about this would be
photographer John Grady from Schenectady, he would know stories none of us would  
and of course Cliff Wright who is still wrenching some for John Flack on his antique
modifieds. Let me know what your plans are for the car and I'll put my plug in now - if
you ever decide to sell it - I'd like a shot at it. If it's the original car, it should have
either a flathead or possibly a y-block - it's a '37 Ford with earlier ('35 or '36) side
curtains - please send more photos and more details - does it still have the rearend
and transmission? Etc. - looks like you're only missing an engine and radiator, once
again great find - here's a few pics I have of the #24 and #83. Please get  back to me
with your plans.
Take it easy - Jeff

3/21/09 Hello , I just picked up this new racer, its been sitting in a barn covered up for
about 30 years, the name on the car is Howie Westervelt. If you have any history or photos it
would be greatly appreciated. I believe the car was built by Bob Devine, I can send better
Pict's also if you wish. Kenneth Brock

2/20/09 This note was passed along by Mark Southcott:
Former '67-'74 Lancaster Speedway photographer Gordie Reinig is in Roswell in Buffalo and
undergoing chemo.
The "Lancaster Heroes" book wouldn't have happened without him. The recent FOAR SCORE
Club 61st Annual Awards Party program was delivered to him, and it made his day that he
was included in it.
I'm sure that Gordie would appreciate cards. They can be sent to his daughter:

Gordon Reinig
c/o Elizabeth Reinig Federice
244 Shepard Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14217

2/19/09 Hi, my name is Mike Kazmierczak.  I have grown up around racing my whole life.  
My uncle used to own cars back in the 60's and 70's.  His name was Paul Bowker, and he
owned the #54 driven by Billy Blum and then Roger Burdick.  I love the vintage cars and I
am looking to try to find one.  I saw all the projects on this page, and I was wondering if
anyone has ever come across one of the #54 cars.  There was a couple coupes and also a
falcon.  I am really trying to find one of the cars Roger Burdick drove.  I would love to find
even a part of the chassis somewhere.  I know these cars are hard to come across now-a-
days, but I am going to try my hardest to find one.  I am really serious about doing this, so if
you have any leads or advice to give, please let me know.  Your site is great and has a lot of
old pictures and information.  I would love to be a member someday!  Please help me out
anyway you can, thanks! Mike Kazmierczak

2/22/09 If we run across anything of Roger's we'll let you know Mike. - Jeff

2/2/09 Hey Jeff, thought I would let you know, Carl just got a new ride for his 50th year of
racing.  He will be driving for Hamm Motorsports - ( Bobby Hamm)!  Good deal! Talk to you
soon, Val Nagel

2/8/09 That's great news Val, thank you for sharing it with us. Best of Luck to you
and Carl this season. See you soon. - Jeff

1/25/09 It's come to our attention that former Watertown Champ and NASCAR driver
Dick May has been experiencing some health problems and would enjjoy hearing from
friends. Dick can be reached at Box 2, Harrisburg, North Carolina, 28075. Get well
soon Dick - Jeff

Bowmansville, NY: The Friends of Auto Racing (F.O.A.R. S.C.O.R.E.) Fan Club held their
annual awards dinner on Saturday January 24, 2009 at the Elks Club in Lancaster, NY. A
crowd of approximately 200 gathered for the affair which annually recognizes presents
specialty awards to deserving drivers and key racing supporters from Western New York and
Ontario’s Niagara Region. The highlights of the evening included the induction of four
members into the Friends of Auto Racing Hall of Fame and the presentation of Driver of the
Year Awards to Erick Rudolph of Ransomville, NY (asphalt racing) and Dave DuBois of Corfu,
NY (dirt racing).
DuBois had a career best season in 360 Late Model racing, recording multiple wins and
track titles at both Black Rock Speedway and Genesee Speedway. Among his Black Rock
wins was a victory in the BRP CanAm 360 Late Model Series. His Genesee record showed
only one finish worse than sixth for the year.
Rudolph had a phenomenal year, becoming the first driver to ever win the Modified and SST
Sportsman titles at Dunn Tire Raceway Park (formerly Lancaster Speedway) in the same
season. Rudolph also became the youngest driver ever to win a Dunn Tire Modified feature
race. His '08 wins included the US Open SST Sportsman 75 at Dunn Tire, and SST specials
at Wyoming County International and Spencer Speedways. In addition, in nine rookie starts
on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, he had five top ten finishes.
Rudolph, in addition, earned a unique double in awards - he was also the recipient of the
Achievement on Dirt award, in recognition of his victories in the Town Mechanical 30 for
DIRTCar Sportsmen on the Syracuse mile in October (in his first ever race on the mile) and
in the Empire State Modified Midget Championship at Genesee Speedway.
Todd Hoddick of Cheektowaga, NY was honored with the Achievement on Asphalt award, for
his major Late Model victories in the Budweiser 100 at Holland and the Race of Champions
50 at Oswego, in addition to his impressive top 15 showings in his first forays into ARCA
racing at Berlin, MI and Toledo, OH.
The Families in Racing Award, which recognizes area families who have had long, successful
involvements with the sport in the region, was presented to two families: the Barber Family
and the Friesen family. The Barbers, based in Bliss, NY, have a four generation, 55 plus year
history in area motorsports, as owner/mechanics and racers. They have collected numerous
track championships around Western New York, with the late Gail Barber, a two-time
Lancaster Modified champ, in the Friends of Auto Racing Hall of Fame. In addition, the
Barbers built and operate the very successful kart track, Bliss International Speedway. Joe,
Madonna, and Camden Barber received the award on behalf of the family.
Likewise, for three generations, the St. Catharines, ON based Friesen family has had a
proven success record both on the speedway and in operating racetracks, with Ransomville
Speedway under their current ownership. Patriarch Stan, with multiple track titles to his
record, and the late Alex Friesen, an energetic race promoter, are in the Friends of Auto
Racing Hall of Fame. Joel and James Michael Friesen received the award on behalf of the
family. The families were presented with a recognition trophy while a permanent plaque will
be housed at the International Motor Racing Research Center in Watkins Glen.
Rookie of the Year awards were presented to Ransomville and Merrittville 358 Modified racer
Tom Flannigan (dirt) and Dunn Tire and Spencer Modified Sportsman driver Andy
Jankowiak (asphalt). Most Improved Driver awards went to Genesee Pro Stock points runner-
up Mike Martin (dirt) and Lake Erie Late Model points runner-up George Skora, III (asphalt).
Dunn Tire Raceway Park Modified driver Karl Hehr was a popular choice for the Perseverance
Award, marking his return to health and racing in 2008 after a devastating wreck two
seasons earlier. Modified and Sportsman racer and 2Kwik chassis builder Rick Kluth was
presented the Sportsmanship Award.
The Dick Hammond Dedication to Auto Racing Award was presented to long time area racer
Bill Torrisi, in recognition of his 50+ year involvement in the sport.
Mae Urban, who in 2008, was the first woman to win a Holland points title in a
predominantly male racing division, earned the Woman in Racing Award. The Mechanical
Achievement Award was presented to TQ Midget team owner Vince Christiano, Sr. Buffalo
radio station WEDG-FM (103.3 The Edge) was presented the Promotional Award for their
successful Wednesday evening Cruise Nights at Dunn Tire Raceway Park.
Lou Ensworth, who has been a writer, photographer, and racing historian for over 60 years,
was presented the Media Award.
Special Recognition Awards were presented to Pete Bicknell, in recognition of his 11th
career Ransomville 358 Modified title and his 2008 Mr. DIRTCar 358 Modified crown; Joe
Evans, in recognition of his first career SST Sportsman feature race wins and his overall SST
Touring Series championship in just his second year of racing; and James Michael Friesen,
for his accomplishments dirt Sportsman racing, with feature wins at six different speedways
and a first career track title (at Ransomville) in 2008.
Contribution to Racing Awards were presented to Friends of Auto Racing Club member
Sandy Boczar for her extra efforts in fund raising for the Dunn Tire Raceway Park points
fund, and to Dunn Tire Raceway Park Director of Stock Car Events Lori Overdorf for her work
maintaining a successful oval track program at the Lancaster speedplant.

Bowmansville, NY: At their annual awards banquet on Saturday, January 24th, the Friends
of Auto Racing (F.O.A.R. S.C.O.R.E.) Fan Club inducted four new members into their Hall of
Fame. The honorees included Late Model star John Julicher, long-time track official Jack
Veach, and top level race car owners/builders, the Turner Brothers, Don and Ray.
The annual banquet fetes top drivers in Western New York and Ontario’s Niagara Region,
and introduces the newest members to the select hall of those who have had a significant
impact in the region’s rich motorsports history. Each of the inductees received a recognition
award, while the permanent Hall of Fame trophy and display is housed at the International
Motor Racing Research Center at Watkins Glen. The banquet was held at the Elks Club in
Lancaster, NY. Masters of Ceremonies Rick Mooney and Dave Buchanan presided over the
Over the course of a 30 year racing career, John Julicher raced his way to 84 career wins
and ten track titles. 74 of those wins and nine of those championships were at his home
track of Lancaster Speedway. He was part of the relatively new Lancaster Street Stock class
in the mid-'70s which evolved into the current Dunn Tire Raceway Park Late Model division,
and was a winner and titleist in all phases of that evolution. He was a two-time winner of the
Late Model Race of Champions at Oswego Speedway (1998 and 2002), and was the 1988
Spencer Speedway Late Model champion. His victory total at Lancaster puts him fourth on
the oval’s all-time winner’s list. Retired racer and Foar Score Hall of Fame member Ron
Martin made the presentation.
The late Jack Veach was a well-respected area racing official for over 35 years. He handled
virtually every official's job at some point in his career, from registering to flagging to serving
as race director, and at numerous tracks, both dirt and asphalt. He was a regular at the
Syracuse mile as part of the Super DIRT Week officials staff, and assisted at major special
events on both sides of the American/Canadian border. His efforts were recognized by DIRT
in 2000, as he was the recipient of the Leonard J. Sammons Contribution to Racing Award.
Jack’s wife Bonnie, daughter Dawn, and son John accepted the award; Foar Score Recording
Secretary and Historian Mark Southcott made the presentation.
From the mid-'50s to the late-'70s, the Turner Brothers were considered among the leading
race car builders and owners in the northeast. Their successes were the result of
imagination, innovation, and a strong work ethic, producing some top notch equipment in
their Scottsville, NY shop. The roster of drivers who competed and won in their equipment
reads like a who’s who of area racing, and includes Elmer Musclow, Dutch Hoag, Lee
Osborne, Bobby Merz, Mike Miller, and Gary Reichert. Notable among their well over 200
wins were the 1967 Race of Champions at Langhorne, with Hoag behind the wheel, the
initial Modified Bud 150 at Oswego in 1969 with Merz driving, and the amazing 28 victory
1967 season for Osborne. Track championships at such venues as Monroe County, Hemlock,
Spencer, and Shangri-La are part of their record. Gail Turner accepted the award on behalf
of her late husband Ray, while Ken Turner accepted the award on behalf of his father Don.
Modified car owner Dave DeLange made the presentation.
This induction class brings the total membership in the Friends of Auto Racing Hall of Fame
to 100.
Source: Rick Mooney/FOAR SCORE Club PR

Lancaster, NY: The FOAR SCORE Club 61st Annual Awards Party will be held on Saturday,
January 24, 2009 at the Elks Club on Legion Pkwy. off of Broadway in Lancaster, NY (about
2 miles east of Transit Rd. on the right hand side just before Picasso's Pizza) from 6-11 p.m.
A buffet will be served including herb roasted chicken, breaded pork chops, traditional
mashed potatoes, vegetable medley, lazy pierogi and fruit salad.
An awards ceremony will be a portion of the evening along with the newest inductees into
the Hall of Fame: multi-time track champion John Julicher, legendary car owners and the
brother team of Don and the late Ray Turner, and the late track official Jack Veach. This will
also officially bring the FOAR SCORE Club Hall of Fame class to 100 members at this
Proper dress is required meaning no jeans, sneakers, t-shirts or hats. Admission is $30 per
person and $55 per couple with check, MasterCard and Visa accepted. Space is limited to
250 people and people are encouraged to make reservations early. The deadline date to
order tickets is Monday, January 19, 2009. Contact Barb at (716) 684-2852 for tickets or
Advertising is available for the party program with the following rates: full page
advertisement - $100.00, half page advertisement with business card in the yearly FOAR
SCORE Club newsletter - $75.00, half page advertisement - $50.00, and quarter page
advertisement - $25.00. Contact Barb at the previous number for details.
Door prizes would be greatly appreciated.
Please bring a nonperishable canned good for donation to the local food pantry.
Join us as everyone is welcome to attend on that evening!
Source: Mark Southcott/FOAR SCORE Club PR

1/14/09 Jeff, Thanx to you and your dad for the phone conversation weds. night.I would like
to purchase a mid 30's chevy, or '39,'40 ford coupe. My father,and father-in-law ran in New
Jersey in the 60's and early 70's. I would like to purchase a decent roller or something more
then nothing that I have now. Any help, I would greatly appreciate. Thanx again, Bryan
Miller (276-755-4157)

1/18/09 Best of luck to you Bryan - Jeff

1/13/09 Hi Jeff, Jackie Soper sent me the address for his brother who is having a battle
with cancer. Boney raced an asphalt Street Stock #0 in the late '70s at places including
Perry (Wyoming), Chemung and Shangri-La. I thought I'd pass it along for others. Mark

Boney Soper
P.O. Box 132
Gillette, PA 16925

1/18/09 Best wishes to you Boney - Jeff

1/11/09 Today is our friend, Bill Wimble's 77th birthday, (1-11-32) DC.

1/11/09 Happy Birthday Bill! ~Jeff

1/5/09  Hi Jeff, Don't known any of this weeks photos. Did you see that Seward Rice passed
away this week.  He kept it together during the early years of Penn Can.  I remember going
to a SCSCC rules meeting with my dad and was impressed how he tried to keep the cost of
racing down even in the early 60's. He gave me my first job at 12 years old, parking cars, my
pay - get into the races free. Have a good week.    Jerry Lillie

1/11/09 We'd like to extend our condolences to the Rice Family for their loss. I've also
heard that legendary car owner Ray Turner passed this past week and we'd like to
extend our condolences to the Turners as well.  - Jeff

1/5/09 P R E S S   R E L E A S E
Riverside Park Speedway Reunion
to be Presented by Budweiser
Track and sponsor together again after 10 years
SALISBURY, MA--SpeedwayEXPO and Williams Distributing, of Chicopee, MA, have
announced that Budweiser will be the presenting sponsor of the Riverside Park Speedway
Reunion, which will take place at XPO. Those who attend the Reunion's opening, on Friday
night, February 27, will have a chance to go home with great gifts from Budweiser, including
racing jackets, shirts and other racing-related prizes. The grand prize will be a Budweiser
Mini Chopper worth more than $1,000, which will be won that night by a lucky individual at
the Reunion.
Budweiser has long been associated with racing. The brand's sponsorship of Daytona's Bud
Shootout begins each year's stock car racing season and the Budweiser brand has long been
part of some of racing's more colorful teams. Bud currently sponsors Kasey Kahne, who
races out of the Gillette-Evernham stable in NASCAR's Sprint Cup series. Budweiser has
been around New England racing for a long time, too. Ten years ago Williams Distributing,
which sells Budweiser in the region, was honored as "sponsor of the year" at Riverside Park
Speedway. Sadly, 1999 turned out to be the final year for both the amusement park and its
popular racetrack.
In 2009 SpeedwayEXPO is honoring Riverside Speedway with this Reunion, and Budweiser
is pleased to once again be associated with the memorable track. Anthony Frasco, Director of
Sales & Marketing at Williams, said, "It will be a thrill for us to be associated with this greatly
anticipated reunion. The Great American Lager will have the opportunity to be reunited with
thousands of fans and drivers at the 2009 SpeedwayEXPO."
The Reunion will run all three days of the show--February 27 and 28, March 1. Admission to
the Reunion is free with paid admission XPO. Tickets for SpeedwayEXPO can purchased in
advance to save nearly one-third of the price at the gate. These money-saving tickets are
available at 978-465-9099 x 103 (ask for Barbara) or online at SpeedwayEXPO.com.
Produced by Speedway Illustrated  Magazine and sponsored by Sunoco, SpeedwayEXPO will
be at the Big E, in West Springfield, MA, Feb. 27 - March 1, 2009.  It is the largest event for
drivers, teams, tracks, and racing vendors in the Northeast. SpeedwayEXPO will launch the
2009 racing season with more than 200 new race cars and old favorites, and hundreds of
exhibits for drivers, crews, and fans from a dozen states and Canada. Thousands of
enthusiasts pack more than 130,000 square feet of exhibit space to take part in seminars
and demonstrations; see retailers of racing gear and memorabilia; and meet today's and
yesterday's racing celebrities.
For the latest information on SpeedwayEXPO presented by Sunoco and to sign up to receive
the free SpeedwayEXPO '09 E-newsletter, visit SpeedwayExpo.com.
Contact:  Ted Hugger 207-799-1356

1/3/2009 Just heard word from Phil Wagner and Richard Parry that Donny Antolick
has passed, our condolences to the Antolick family. - Jeff


1/1/2009 Cuba Lake Raceway South 5th annual Florida luncheon, January 28th
2009 at Brandon, FL (note, new location)
Cuba Lake Raceway South,  Florida luncheon for all stock car, midget and sprint drivers,
mechanics, car owners, track personnel and fans that were involved in racing in WNY,
Ontario and NWPA during the 5Os and 60s and their companion(s).  A special invite is also
open to any 50s and 60s racing drivers and fans from around the Country or Province that
will be on vacation or are full time or part time residents here in Florida too.  Any guests that
would enjoy our event are also welcome to attend with you.
When: January 28th 2009 (wed) Where: Golden Corral restaurant, Brandon FL, exit 257off I-
75 at sr 60.  Go east on sr 60 about 1/2 mile and make right turn on S. Lakewood, well
marked with overhead sign at light. Go south bound on Lakewood for three lights then watch
for Golden Corral on left between Applebees and Carrabba's.  Actual address is 815
Providence Rd. Plenty of parking room.  Best to follow these instructions as new roads in
area will mess up GPS devices.Time: Registration starts at 11:00 am with lunch starting
about noon or whenever everyone is registered and seated for the great buffet luncheon in
our private room. Golden Corral restaurants are noted for their great buffets, if you havent
been at one, and I guarantee no one will leave hungry.  Luncheon will be  "Dutch treat" for
all attending and a RSVP is required along with a payment of $10.00 for each person
attending (covers everything, food, drink, tax and tip).  I must receive your RSVP and
payment by January 24th 2009 at the latest as no day of luncheon payments will be
allowed.  When you arrive at restaurant go through line and get your soda drink(coffee
included after meal).  Tell cashier you are with the Cuba Lake Raceway group(don't pay any
money) and you will be directed to the left and will see our room on the far end to the rear.
Program: This year we are going to be entertained with a movie by a true race fan that lives
north of Watertown, NY along the St. Lawrence at Harrisville summers and attended races all
over the State of NY, Ont and PA on a regular basis in the 50s and 60s.  Doug Fetterly owned
a trucking co. back then and still does.  He could arrange for a load anywhere a race was
run.  He is a true fan of this sport we all think so much of and I know you will all enjoy
talking with him and watching the 50s stock car racing movie Doug is bringing.  It is a race
in NYS that included a number of drivers that come to our luncheons.  Doug invited me to
his home for a preview of it and we will all enjoy it. RSVP: Send payment, $10.00 per person,
along with your name and each companion(s) name to: Ford Easton, 5200 28th St. N. # 651,
St. Petersburg, FL 33714. Make check or M.O. payable to: Ford Easton.  If you wish to
contact me phone is 727-522-4042 and e-mail is fjeaston@aol.com. Tickets will not be sent to
you as your name and those attending with you must be on the master list at registration to
gain entry to the luncheon in our private room at the restaurant. The $10.00 per person
includes the buffet, coffee, hot tea, iced tea and pop, free refills, tax and gratuity. Remember
deadline for me to receive your RSVP and payment in the mail is January 24th 2009.
Ford Easton, St. Petersburg, FL

Saratoga Springs, NY Famed stock car drivers Will Cagle, Billy Rafter and Dick Hansen and
highly respected promoter Dick Waterman will be the focus of the New York State Stock Car
Association’s Hall of Fame induction ceremonies on Saturday, January 17 and Sunday,
January 18, 2009.
After being inducted at the association’s annual banquet in front of a huge crowd on hand to
recognize outstanding performances at area speedways on the 17th, the four will meet the
public the following morning at 11 am in the Racing in New York gallery of the Saratoga
Automobile Museum. The event will be held next to the association’s permanent display,
which honors well over 100 racing legends from around the Empire State.
"It’s my favorite event of the year," offered Ron Hedger, chairman of the NYSSCA Hall of
Fame committee and the coordinator of the Racing in New York program. "We’ll introduce
the inductees, discuss the highlights of their career, let the inductees express their thoughts
on the occasion and, without the time constraints of the banquet, we can allow the audience
to interact with their heroes.
"The event always attracts a number of other Hall of Fame members, racers young and old,
fans of all ages and many family members, all eager to see the museum and the permanent
display. It always lasts longer than expected, as everyone becomes immersed in memories
and rekindling old friendships."
Two-time NASCAR Sportsman champion Bill Wimble, also a Hall of Fame member, will travel
from Florida to introduce Camden, NY resident Waterman, so the stories are certain to flow
Cagle, long known as "the Tampa Terror," will also travel from Florida for the event, bringing
along wife Barbara and two grandchildren. Hansen, a resident of Red Hook, NY, will be
accompanied by his long-time car owner, Bruce Carman.
Information about the Saratoga Automobile Museum, located on the Avenue of the Pines in
the Saratoga Spa State Park, may be obtained on-line at www.saratogaautomuseum.org.
Danny Ody and his father.
Dave Davies and Sharon Parry.