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12/10/08 If anyone knows of any of the Kneisel coupes or coaches in the area would
you please contct me a Rvan81@epix.net. Thanks to any one that can help.

12/14/08 Best of luck to you Pete and if you find any please keep us updated. - Jeff

12/5/08 Charley Trombley was a driver in the late 50’s, through the 60’s, beginning his career
on the dirt oval at Airborne Speedway in Plattsburgh . I haven’t ran across much in the history of
the Airborne drivers. My father was a mechanic on the first of a long line of number 5 7/8
modifieds that raced all over upstate NY and into Canada . Here are some pics of that early car.
And some pics of a replica model I did to honor my dad on his 75th birthday last year.
Thanks, Eddie Walker Jr.

12/7/08 Thanks Eddie for the great pictures and information. That's a rela nice model. If
Ihad more information on tracks like Airborne, Fulton, Brewerton and Watertown (amongst
others) I would add pages to the site on each. Contributions are gladly accepted. Thanks -

12/3/08 Greetings Friends, I have a 32' Ford "Vicky" Modified that is a all FRESH car that has
never been raced. The car was found garaged 3 years ago as a rolling chassis and body setting
on the frame. The car was started to be built in the 70's and never finished, never had a motor
mount in it. I finished it last year and just had it on display at the Daytona Speedway 35th
Annual Car show last weekend.  Car is For Sale.  Any interested parties will be responded to.
Thanks in advance,
D.E. Martin
Lake Panasoffkee Fla. 352-793-1721 or 352-303-2264 e-mail: dmartinsr@ispfla.com  

12/7/08 Interested parties can contact Don for a flyer of the car. - Jeff

12/2/208 Hello Jeff, I was reading the history of your club on your web site. Wow, you've been
at it a long time! Kudos to you. I am interested in possibly purchasing a vintage stock car and did
not see a classified section on your great site. Can you give me advice on some good places to
look for cars to buy? I couldn't find anything on ebay.
Thanks, Mike Kamm Averill Park, NY

12/7/08 Hi Mike, glad you like the site. I've decided not to have a classifieds section only
because it would be a bear to keep updated, however when I get leads I pass them along to
those interested and will continue to do so. Thanks - Jeff

12/2/08 Hello:   This is Dave Richards, over the hill in Newark Valley. I'm building a V8-60
vintage Midget engine in the shop and was wondering if you might know who supplies +.125"
forged pistons for one of those.Very nice website.Dave Richards, RT 38 Engine Machine Shop

12/7/08 Thanks Dave - if anyone knows of some 0.125 over forged pistons for the V8-60
engine that are available then let either Dave of myself know and check out his site, newly
added to our links page.- Jeff

11/30/08 Jeff,   I just read Jack Teobald,s message on the Guestbook site.  His # 5 Hudson is
listed with my 1958 5 Mile Point photos on our Midstate site.  Small world... Jim Florance

11/29/08 Great fun and great memories, thank you. My son found this website and I have really
enjoyed it. Who am I? Jack Theobald from Binghamton, used to race at 5 Mile Point and 1 year at
Shangri-La. Ya, still alive and kicking. THANKS again, Jack

11/30/08 Glad you enjoy it Jack, I always hope to add more. - Jeff

11/27/08  Your website is really fascinating with all the great photo's and history. I am finding
myself and my children, spending a bunch of time just looking at the old photo's. This is a really
nice piece of American history and should be a display that travels in art museums. Thanks for
your help. I hope you and your family have an enjoyable Thanksgiving Day. Lisa Trotto

11/30/08 My pleasure Lisa - our 'traveling show' hits the tracks in the summer. Take it easy -

11/25/08 Jeff,  My dad was press secretary for SCSCC in the early years when Penn Cann was
called Airport Speedway.  He raced for a few years also during this time.  He helped me with go
carts and later on with my stockcars. We attended every superdirt week since the beginning. He
passed away yesterday and I sure am going to miss him. From reading your column, I know that
you are close to your father.  Enjoy every minute you have with him!  A father-son relationship is
something to be cherished.When things get back to normal, I have many old racing photos that I
would like to share with you and your readers. This summer, I hope to meet you in person at one
of the tracks. Have Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.  Jerry Lillie

11/30/08 Jerry - thank you for the kind words, my condolences to you and your family on
the loss of your father. Jeff

11/23/08 Jeff, Bill Wimble called me up tonight and we had a nice long visit. He says he's
feeling good. On Monday he and Nancy will have been married for 42 years. They'll be up for Dick
Waterman's induction on about Jan.17th and he will speak and be the "inductor". I'm working on
a show for us next June. I'll probably get it all set up and then have to pave out on the thruway
or someplace. See ya!! Dave Conde

11/23/08 Thanks Dave, looking forward to the show in '09 and congrats to Bill and Nancy -
many returns. - Jeff

11/16/08 Hi to all, Usually I say that it is with sorrow that I report the passing of one of the
great people from 50s stock car racing.  In the case of Curly it is without sorrow as it was time
and he passed on very peacefully and without pain in his favorite chair.  I had been friends with
Curly for the past 12 years while he lived here in Bradenton, Fl and then moved to Texas upon
the death of his wife to be nearer to his children.  He was never that happy again after his wife
died and I could see that during my trips to have lunch with him from time to time.  We talked
about those great times in stock car racing in the 50s and the many friends he had made with
fellow drivers and crews in the southern tier of NYS and PA.  His home was in Elmira and he
raced at all the tracks many of us remember.  He shared with me a story of a wreck at Wellsville
Raceway that resulted in him being half ejected out of his car and how he hoped that Herb or
Dean Layfield were directly behind him as he knew they would make sure not to hit him.
Curly's remains will be brought back to FL later to be buried next to the wife he loved so much in
life.  Drive on Curly drive on.
                                                 Ford Easton

11/23/08 We'd like to forward our condolences to the Hatfield Family, thanks for letting us
know Ford. - Jeff

11/16/08 Hello, I have in my posession a 1983 kneisel race car. It is 85 % complete. It was the
Kneisel house car in 1982 driven by Carl Reynolds. The owner passed away and the family is
ready to sell. We are looking for someone to purchase the car. It has torsion rear and coil front.
If you have any questions please contact me. Dave Kroptavich     570/240/6279  or
axp1987@hotmail.com - Thank you.

11/23/08 I've heard the price is $2000.00 - best of luck to Dave and any prospective buyer. -

11/14/08 Gentlemen: THANK YOU for this great site.  You have taken me down many of  
the back roads of my memory!  My Dad and I used to go up to Glen Aubrey pretty often and I
remember quite a few of these cars. I especially remember some of the Neild cars and Red Smith
(a Vestal Center kid like me).
Thank you again for this great site and for all the effort that it must take to keep it up!
Yours truly, Martin K. Rorapaugh

11/16/08 Thank you Martin, it's guys like you that make this worthwhile, glad you enjoy
the site. - Jeff


Saratoga Springs, NY The fourth installment of the Saratoga Automobile Museum’s extremely
popular Lost Speedways will go green on November 29th, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, at 1

The event will again feature racing memorabilia in the downstairs gallery and presentations on
a number of speedways no longer in operation upstairs in the Racing in New York Gallery.
Visitors are encouraged to bring along their scrapbooks, old photos and other memorabilia to
share, as the event has become a "gathering of the clan" and many visitors spend most of the
afternoon recalling races and drivers of the past and catching up with old friends and

The museum will also have a variety of items provided by four-time NASCAR National Sportsman
champion Rene Charland on display for the first time and the newly arrived Buzzie Reutimann
#00, on loan from Dover Brake’s Dave Cruickshank, will grace the popular "Syracuse Mile"

Speakers will include longtime speed shop owner and top fuel racer Erv Grant, who will discuss
drag racing at Fonda and South Glens Falls, and Speedway Illustrated’s Lew Boyd, who will
recall the New Yorkers who competed at Agawam, MA’s Riverside Park over the years.

National Speed Sport News columnist Gary London will discuss a number of New York City
tracks, including the Kingsbridge Armory, Dexter Park, Weisglass Stadium and the Polo
Grounds, while photographer Les King and historian Ken Gypson will look at Carroll’s Grove and
Altamont along with the short-lived speedways in Warrensburgh, Corinth, Granville,
Schuylerville and Wilton. National Speed Sport News columnist and Racing in New York
coordinator Ron Hedger will close out the afternoon with a look back at the Utica-Rome
Speedway’s days as an asphalt oval.

The event is free to museum members, with others paying the standard museum admission
charge. More information, including directions and an advance look at the museum’s newest
exhibit, "All That Glitters – 100 Year Old Brass Era," is available online at www.

11/16/08 Sounds like a great time Ron, thanks once again for passing the info along. - Jeff


Clifton Park, NY A trio of outstanding drivers with wins around the Northeast and beyond and a
highly regarded short track promoter will be inducted into the New York State Stock Car
Association’s Hall of Fame on January 17, 2009 at the Polish American Club in Albany, NY.

Western New York star Billy Rafter, the "Tampa Terror," Will Cagle, and the king of the Accord
Speedway, Dick Hansen, will be joined by Dick Waterman, who operated the NASCAR sanctioned
Utica-Rome Speedway when a contingent of local stars faced the best of New England every
Sunday night.

Rafter began his illustrious career at Buffalo’s Civic Stadium in 1949, when he was only 17. He
went on to score over 100 wins there and in 1959 claimed both the Civic Stadium and the New
York State NASCAR Sportsman championship.

As good on a dirt mile as he was on the ¼ mile asphalt at the stadium, Rafter won extra-
distance NASCAR events at Syracuse in ’59, ’62 and ’64 and was the State Fair champion as well
in 1959. Other career highlights included a 1966 win in one of the famed "First Sunday of the
Month" 100-lap open competition events at Lebanon Valley, which in those days drew well over
100 cars from New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and 13 wins at Canandaigua, where
Rafter shares the record of eight consecutive wins with fellow Hall of Fame driver Bob

But perhaps the most amazing of Rafter’s many accomplishments was winning five features in
three days. After winning a 100 lapper at the Monroe Co. Fairgrounds in Rochester Friday night,
he claimed two more 100-lap events on Saturday, at Syracuse and Civic Stadium. Sunday
brought an afternoon win at Merrittville and a nighttime score at Waterloo.

Rafter’s final title came in the NASCAR Late Models at Holland in 1970, after which a fiery
blown engine at Perry that left him in the hospital for an extended stay brought his illustrious
career to a premature end.

Hansen also started racing at age 17, claiming three of the dozen wins he would score at
Rhinebeck before moving on during his rookie year. He was the ’63 and ’66 champion at the Pine
Bowl, took the White Lake title in ’65 and was the Accord champion in 1971.

A winner in three different decades at Lebanon Valley, Hansen won his first race there in 1966
and was the 1978 Sportsman champion. Best known for his time in Bruce Carman’s potent #23,
Hansen was the ’72 champion at Mid-State, winning some seven races, including the first Super
DIRT Series event ever run, and then backed it up by winning the inaugural DIRT series event
at Lebanon Valley later on in the season.

But Accord was Hansen’s place, as he notched nearly 70 wins on the tight quarter mile, often
wearing his helmet for 20 minutes or so after the feature just in case someone took exception to
his aggressive charge from the rear.

Cagle’s impressive resume shows some 444 modified wins in the Northeast, not to mention his
many wins south of the Mason-Dixon line. He won at 39 speedways, claiming 108 DIRT events
and 336 independent speedway wins. For a time he was nearly unbeatable in central New York,
winning 86 races at Weedsport, 70 at Rolling Wheels and 53 at Canandaigua to garner three
Weedsport championships and four each at Canandaigua and Rolling Wheels. He remains the
leading winner at Weedsport and Rolling Wheels and was also the 1973 Brewerton champion.

Prior to that run, Cagle was a big winner at the Orange County Fairgrounds, claiming 47
features, including four Eastern States events and five consecutive championships (‘66-’70) and
at Nazareth, with 40 wins and the 1967 title.

He won the "Mr. DIRT" title in ’76, ’78 and ’79 and had an equally impressive record on big
tracks, with asphalt wins in the National Open at Langhorne and on the Trenton mile and four
triumphs on the tricky 1 1/8 mile Nazareth National dirt oval. His only disappointment was in
not winning at Syracuse, though he was a tight second to Jack Johnson in ’79 and recorded two
thirds, a pair of fourths, a fifth and a seventh in other attempts.

Cagle has also driven late models, sprint cars and even Indy cars and is still competing in
Legends events in the southeast.

Dick Waterman, with partner Bernie Ingersoll, a retired local racer, bought the Utica-Rome
Speedway from Joe Lesik, who built the speedway just outside the village of Vernon, NY in 1961.
A paved quarter-mile, Waterman would later enlarge Utica-Rome slightly but it remained tight
and anyone who won a NASCAR feature there had to handle constant lapped traffic as well as
his pursuers.

Waterman’s genius was in creating a Sunday night battle between New York favorites and
invading New Englanders, with his overhead late model class sending a constant stream of local
talent to the "A" class, which for a while combined sportsman and modifieds and then became
strictly modifieds.

The cast constantly changed but it was not unusual to see Bill Wimble, Jerry Cook, Richie
Evans, Lou Lazzaro, Sonney Seamon, Kenny Shoemaker, Lou Smith, Frank Mathalia, Dick Clark,
Bernie Miller, Dick Fowler, Dave Lape, Bill Henry and the Kotary clan defending their turf
against such noted invaders as Rene Charland, Eddie Flemke, Bugsy Stevens, Freddy DeSarro,
Fats Caruso, Pete Hamilton, Don McTavish, Ronnie Narducci and Bobby Santos.

And Waterman, to assure his fans saw the best possible show, would hold the feature until a
handful of point chasers made the mad dash across the Mass Pike and up the Thruway from
Thompson, CT’s afternoon show to tag the field.

His biggest promotion each season was the New Yorker 400, run the night before Labor Day,
attracting point chasers from the south such as Joe Thruman, even more New Englanders and a
huge crowd to watch the non-stop action.

Waterman sold the speedway and adjacent drag strip in 1979, with the new owners converting it
to dirt. But Waterman remains a racing fan and still attends Sprint Cup events at Bristol and
Pocono each year, often with Wimble, a long-time friend and one-time Utica-Rome official after
retiring from competition.

Following the induction ceremony at the annual NYSSCA banquet, the new Hall of Fame
members will be at the Saratoga Automobile Museum, site of NYSSCA’s permanent Hall of Fame
display, to greet the public and recall the glory days of their careers. The event is set for 11 am
on Sunday, January 18, 2009. The Saratoga Automobile Museum is located in the Saratoga Spa
State Park, just off exit 13N of I-87, the Adirondack Northway.

11/16/08 Ron - I can't imagine a better class for the HOF, thanks again for all you do. - Jeff

11/1/08 Good Sat. to all, I have been advised by Don (Witherell) nephew Jeff that his Uncle
passed Wednesday afternoon after a long illness.  I had some great conversations with Don over
the last several years on his racing career back in the 50s and 60s.  Don attended the CLR
luncheon in 2007 with many of his family members.  The luncheon meant much to Don as he
had a chance to visit with many of his fellow drivers and friends from those great years of stock
car racing.
Don and his family wanted to attend this years CLR luncheon too but the dreaded cancer that
he had percluded the journey to Moonwinks.  I talked with Don just after the luncheon and he
really felt bad that he couldn't make it as he knew his time was getting shorter and 09 would
never happen.
I think I sent the following statement out once before but it warrents sending again.  A good
friend of mine and friend of many receiving this e-mail, Jackie Soper, shared with me a story of
one of the races he ran at Hunt Raceway in 1959.  He stated a driver he didn't know that ran a
7 car with a crown on top of the 7 gave him a real battle for the win that day and the driver sure
was great.  Now you might just pass this off as a conversation item, but Jackie was one of the
greatest drivers I ever saw race in those late 50s and for him to say this driver in the 7 car with
the crown on top was great really meant something coming from Jackie.  I researched who this
driver was with the help of a number of you getting this e-mail and it was Don Witherell.  With
that I will end with drive on Don drive on and you will be remembered always as a great driver
and person.  A card to the family I know would really be appreciated:  3599 Nunda Byersville Rd.,
Nunda, NY 14517
                                              Ford Easton

11/2/08 Our condlences to the Witherell Family, thank you for passing this along Ford. - Jeff

10/30/08 Dave Conde Passed along this e-mail from Bill Wimble:
Hi Dave:
Thanks for your email. Nancy is typing this for me. I appreciate your offer to lead us through the
steps to view what is being said on the internet. That would be fine but Nancy would have to be
the person that you would lead through the process.
When I drove down the road through the road through Hamilton the other day on my way to
Fred's party, I saw the paving taking place and wondered if you were involved. I even mentioned
it to Fred that possibly the paving was the reason that you weren't there.
The party was great and Fred was actually surprised. Maybe Nancy could get on the email with
you some evening and you could lead her through the steps you mentioned.
Thanks for still being a fan.
Bill Wimble #33
P.S. The #26 car you mentioned, was owned by Gaylord Rowe of Rowe Brothers Ford Sales in
Ellenburg Depot, NY. It is the car I used to run for the New York State Championship in 1957
and finished 2nd in the standings to Jeep Herbert of Schnectady. Except for Plattsburg and Fort
Covington, I towed it alone to all the other tracks we ran including some Fonda and some

11/2/08 Thanks for passing along the info Dave - Jeff

10/30/08 Hi Guys, Earl Bodine ruled at the Speedrome, Bodine brothers' uncle died  Oct. 13
Bob Rip Sr

11/2/08 We'd like to offer the Bodine Family our condolences, thank you for passing this
along to us Rip. - Jeff

10/27/08 Jeff went and got my hair cut this morn. Kenny Lowel cut's hair at the home in
Oxford. He said Moose is a resident there now. I believe people can sent cards and letters there.
You would have to get the address for the home in care of Kurzon Cary. Richard Parry

11/2/08 I'm sorry to hear this, Moose was my racing hero as a boy. The VA home inOxford
can be reached @ 4211 State Highway 220, Oxford, NY 13830 Ph:(800) 697-8387 - Jeff


Saratoga Springs, NY When the Saratoga Automobile Museum presents the fourth edition of Lost
Speedways on Saturday, November 29th at 1 pm, a new exhibit featuring a variety of
memorabilia recently obtained from four-time NASCAR National Sportsman champion Rene
Charland will spark memories for attendees.

"Rene is in a nursing home now and unable to fulfill his dream of opening his own museum to
display racing memorabilia from throughout the northeast," said Racing in New York coordinator
Ron Hedger. "Because of this, his caregivers have decided to donate many of the items he had
collected to the Saratoga Automobile Museum so that fans can view the memorabilia and recall
golden moments of the past.

"I’m still sorting through the memorabilia but highlights so far include photos from Fonda
Speedway, many trophies, including Jack Johnson’s Syracuse pole award and Ernie Gahan’s
National Championship trophy, an All-Star League T-shirt, Rene’s ‘Champ’ license plate, vintage
posters and a number of helmets including one worn by the master of the Langhorne mile,
Dutch Hoag. We’ll also have the face-mask and heavy parka that Rene wore over his firesuit
when he won the Lebanon Valley 200 on a day so cold that he claimed his ever present cigar

Lost Speedways Four, a look at speedways no longer in existence, will include remembrances of
drag racing at Fonda and South Glens Falls by former racer Erv Grant and Lew Boyd’s look at
Riverside Park in Agawam, MA through the stories of New Yorkers who raced there. Les King
and Ken Gypson will offer recollections of Carroll’s Grove and the famed Altamont Fairgrounds
along with tracks that operated briefly in Corinth, Warrensburg, Wilton, Schuylerville and
Granville. Gary London will touch on New York City tracks, including the Polo Grounds, Dexter
Park, Weisglass Stadium and the Kingsbridge Armory while Ron Hedger will recall the early
days of the Utica-Rome Speedway.

Museum visitors are also encouraged to bring photos and other memorabilia to share with others
under the supervision of museum volunteers.

More information is available online at www.saratogaautomuseum.org.

9/27/08 Hello to you all
First of all you have created a very informative site there well done.
My name is Haydn Mitchell I am the manufaturer of the Mitchell intakes for 4-71 to flathead,
just a correction to your story in Flathead Induction I am from New Zealand not Australia as
Keep up the good work.
Regards Haydn.

9/28/08 Thanks Haydn, you're intakes are beautiful, and I've corrected Flattech. You keep
up the good work too. - Jeff

9/16/08 Thanks Jeff,
One of my cars is a 60's Michigan style supermodified .Do you have a division for this type? As
with all my cars its available but looking for a local club to run a bit with. I live in Brewerton. I
have enclosed a couple pix. www.jakessite.com Thats my brothers nostalgia site. Check it out-
real cool!
Thanx Tom Bliss

9/21/08 Thank you Tom, the site is very cool and I've added it to our links. Your car is
pretty $$%^&*@3$ing cool too, we'd love to have you join us. We don't race much anymore
but that car would be welcome at any of our shows. Honestly, it's too nice to race... Thanks
- Jeff

9/10/2008 Jeff ,
I am taking more orders for Hall of Fame T-shirts as we had sold out at the event  We took some
orders there.If anyone else would like to order shirts have them contact me @607-753-0740-
home eves. Maybe you could put a mention on the web update this weekend ?
Prices for  M- LG- XLG- $12.00 -THEY MAKE AN EXCELLENT CHRISTMAS GIFT-(hint-hint/wink-
wink) 2X-3X - $15.00, please add $4.00 for postage- shipped via US Postal Service
checks or money orders can be mailed to : Jim Chase   
                                   P.O. Box 533
                                   E. Syracuse, NY  13057

8/31/08 The following e-mail was forwarded by Dave Conde:
We just got home from our up north vacation. We attended all the Lisbon functions,
"Homecoming", " 30 Years of Class Reunions, 1935 to 1965", our own "60th high school class
reunion" and "our own annual dinner which we put together for friends at the Lobster House in
Norwood". We had 37 attend the dinner.
The book is delayed but is in the process. My own efforts are preimarily finished and it's in Lew
Boyd's hands. It's hard for me to see the farm in it's present state but - it is what it is.
Glad to hear you're OK. I am too, except for a watch on a particular spot on the apex of my right
lung.  Regards, Bill Wimble #33

9/7/08 Thanks for passing tis along Dave, we're looking forward to the new Lew Boyd book
on bill Wimble as well as the honorary night in the works for Bill next year at Utica-Rome,
best wishes to Bill - Jeff

8/29/08 Jeff, Thanks for the photos!  As I said, I will not try to duplicate the #90, but emulate it
with the same general features.  Will the car be at Morris on 9/6? I am planning on being there.
I think that you have done a great thing by saving this, and your other race cars.  I really mean
that!  All parts of history of motor racing. The 90 was special, and Cliff's bravery driving that
thing to multple victories at the treacherous NYS fairgrounds mile, is nothing if not heroic.
I hope to meet you at Morris on 9/6.
Karl Reutling

9/1/08 You're wlecome Karl, the 90 Cliff drove to the '63 Championship is in Saratoga, so it
won't make Morris but I will, see you there. - Jeff

8/28/08 Hi Jeff. Just wanted to let you know that the Kneisel diecast car is in. If you could pass
along the information, I am giving a 10% discount to any of the club members, $55.00 - 10% =
$49.50.  Thanks.  Tom @ 07 Racing Coll.

9/1/08 Thanks Tom, looking forward to seeing it. - Jeff

8/22/08 I wanted to let everyone know that my father, Dick May, has been hospitalized and is
recovering from prostate surgery.  He was in the Carolinas Medical Center Northeast in
Concord, NC and is being released for therapy and rehabilitation to the Brian Center in Concord
, NC .  
The Brian Center
Room 109 (Room Phone 704-720-3779) (Cell Phone 704-562-5403)
250 Bishop Lane
Concord, NC 28025

Kind Regards, Joni May Hubbard

8/25/08 Thanks for letting us know Joni, we'll be in touch. - Jeff

8/20/08 Hi to all across the US and Canada, A number of drivers and fans have given me film
and VHS tapes that they wanted me to have on the races at Cuba Lake Raceway.  Some of the
orginals were in rough shape with unfortunate bad sections in them and putting them into VHS
didn't help the problem.  I said to myself what a shame as all these tapes could be made into an
excellent product with a knowledgeable person cleaning them up and removing areas of non
interest.  The next decision was what product should be used that 99.9% of you folks out there
would have a player in your home or business to play on your TV or newer computers with DVD
play capability.  DVD was the answer.  If by chance you don't have a DVD player they are
available at Walmart for about $30.  
I talked with my friend David Pupo last year and asked if he would like to take a project like that
on.  David did some checking and found a friend of his that could edit the many VHS tapes into a
very presentable product for all you folks out there.  I saw the finished product just before the
luncheon this year and couldn't believe how good it is.  It isn't perfect as you can only work with
what you have and remember these films and VHS tapes were done in 54 - 57.  Lucky for all of
us the price reflects David and his friends out of pocket costs only for this great DVD.
You will see many drivers and cars that you will remember from those great days of racing at
CLR.  No stopping a race back then for a spun out car.  You will see racing continuing with only
room for one car at a time to get thru the maze.  You will see drivers and cars like Doc Hoctor,
Bud Johnson, Paul Miles, Walt White, Jerry Winger, Jim Jones, Don Wood, Roly Granger, Leon
Reed, Wally Jackson, Larry Dye, Ted Renshaw, Bill Rafter, Dolly Gosper, Jeannie Wood, Art
Clark, Alice Layfield, Herb Layfield, Dean Layfield, Frank Marabelli. Freddie Hurst, Dick Hurd,
Orv Chatwood. Chuck Boos, Butch Ball, Billy Schroth Pete Hurtubise, Jim Hurtubise, Eddy
Anchor, DeVere Bliss, Mike Clark, Bill Geist, Dutch Hoag, Bruce Van Dyke, Richard Kinter, Vic
Whitney, Fran Pezzimenti, Howie Slocum, Bud Phearsdorf, Joe Thomes, Bill Higman, Don
Witherell, Wayne Milliman, Del, Don and Doug Yochum and great racing on the 1/4 mile high
banks of CLR. Ford Easton
Cuba Lake Raceway
1954-1957 Memories
A 45 minute full color DVD with sound, featuring Stock Car drivers from Western New York,
North Western Pennsylvania and Canada……

Price:   $ 12.95  (inc. S & H)  each
Make Check or MO to David Pupo
Send to: David Pupo
62 South Shore Road
Cuba, New York   14727
NUMBER OF DVD’s  Ordered:_________________

8/25/08 Thanks Ford, I'm sure this will be a good watch. - Jeff

8/18/08 Hi,   I have a "Harman-Collins" dual coil distributor on my Flathead. Do you know of
anybody that has any information or parts for this unit, or the knowledge to check the operation
and repair same.? Any info or help in this area would be greatly appreciated.!!
Thank You, Steve Mallory            "Real Hot Rods Don't Have Valve Covers"
( 913 ) 631-7636  Smal1947@aol.com

8/18/08 Steve, Probably the best place to get info on these distributors is Fordbarn, I have a
little which I'll send you from there - by the way - great handle, niether do real race cars
(and buoy will I hear it for that one!) - Jeff

8/17/08 From Ford Easton in relation to the Cuba Lake Re-union:
Drivers and other notables attending luncheon July 30, 2008                                          
Paul Amidon - Owner/builder of Hornell Raceway in the 50s
Harlin Beardsley - CLR and others in the 50s
Al Birath - Jamestown area tracks and PA. Great driver and first representing the Jamestown
area drivers here today.
Ron Blackmer - Jamestown area tracks and PA.  Real charger at Stateline.
DeVere Bliss - CLR and many others in WNY and PA
Lee Bliss - out of Roch., beach coarse at Daytona, Oswego and many others
Jim Bond - Holland and many others
Bill Brainard - CLR and many others
Art Clark - CLR and many others, recent most popular driver ever from WNY in poll
Mike Clark - CLR and many others including Olean Raceway
Bucky Dew - CLR and many others in finger lake area of NY
Larry Dye - CLR and famous announcer at many tracks in NY and PA
Lou Ensworth - famous photographer of midget, sprint and stock car races
Norman Evenden - many tracks in NY and PA in his # 49 car
Richard Farraro - many tracks in the late 50s and 60s
Russ Fleetwood - great historian and remember"er" of racing events and stories
in the 50s and 60s
Ron Furlow - Jamestown area tracks and PA
Bill Geist - CLR in his 32x car and other local tracks
Otto Goodwin - CLR and out of Arkport NY, great racer at many tracks in NY and PA
Eleanor "Dolly" Gosper - CLR and great lady driver at many tracks in NY and PA
Jerry Gradl - great driver at many tracks in US and Canada, ARCA with Mark Martin
Paul Higbee - Stateline speedway in the 60s and others in area
DicK Hurd - CLR in his always beautiful # 117 and many other tracks including Langhorne in PA
Squirt Johns -  CLR and great driver from "far away Brockway" at many PA and NY tracks in his
orange and black 511 race cars.
Bud Johnson - CLR and many other tracks in NY and PA.  What a great driver and person and
truly represented 50s stock car racing.  "Mr. Bardahl" as Bud was known by.
Jim Jones - CLR and other WNY tracks in his # 41 car.
Bob June - Represents his Dad who was a great car builder out of Elmira, Ernie June.
Richard Kinter - CLR and many other tracks in NY.  Ran out of East Aurora.
Cal Lane - Well known driver in the finger lakes area of NY and was the man to beat when he
was behind the wheel of his B modifieds.
Herb Layfield - CLR and great driver out of Allentown NY. Won many championships at NY and
PA tracks.
Imo Jean Layfield - CLR and super Lady driver at many NY and PA tracks.  Herbs better half!!
Blinkie Litzinger - Jamestown area driver and showed them how it was done at many WNY and
Pa tracks.
Pete Loretto - Another historian that helps us all with 50s and 60s stock car memories.
Stroker McGirk - What a neat man and driver that raced at many tracks in WNY and PA.  If you
saw him coming up behind you you had better get out of the way as he was going to get around
you in a lap or so.
Chuck McKeirnan - CLR and raced out of Smethport PA at many PA and NY tracks in those super
fast Hudson Hornets that he drove.  One of his Hudsons is outside in the parking lot.
Don McNitt - Jamestown area driver and builder/owner of Roll-O-Bowl Speedway near
Jamestown.  Great driver and promoter of 50s stock car racing.
Wayne Milliman - CLR and driver of the # 50 modified back in those wonderful 50s.  Regular
driver at NY and PA tracks.
Ed Nelson - Stateline Speedway starter for many years including the 50s and Ed really kept
things in line and in turn some of the best stockcar racing in NY and PA.
Pete Parker - promoter of Olean Raceway in the late 50s and 60s.  Some great shows were put
on at Olean because of Petes efforts.
Fran Pezzimenti - CLR and many other NY and PA tracks including Angelica.  Anyone that
watched modified racing in the 50s in the southern tier of NYS remembers the # 1 or "ace" of
Bud Pheasdorf - CLR plus many other tracks in NY and PA powered by those hot Ford engines
Bud was famous for.
Leon Reed - CLR and other tracks on both sides of the border.  Leon was always a fun driver to
Ted Renshaw - CLR and many tracks in Canada and the States.  Ted ran out of Ft. Erie, Ontario
and led a very stong race group of Canadian drivers at CLR and other tracks.  One that always
comes to mind was Jerry Winger out of St. Catherines Ont.
Whitey Roboski - famous starter at many PA tracks in the 50s.  Whitey was known for his no
nonsense starting at the tracks he was the starter at and the fans really appreciated the races
he ran.
Ron Baker - CLR and many other NY, PA and Ont. tracks.  What can I say about Ron that hasn't
already been said for this great driver and person.  Ron is 74 or maybe 75 now and is still racing
his # 74 at tracks this year.
Harold Sager - CLR and other tracks in NY and Ont.  Harold drove but his real expertise was in
car and engine building.  Talking with drivers and fans from the 50s tells of the car to beat was
always a Sager built car if it was at that track that day.  One of Harold's drivers was the great
Billy Rafter out of Niagara Falls.
Joan Sager - CLR and select other tracks back in the 50s.  Joan is Harolds better half and is
very race knowledgeable including history.
Bill Schroth - CLR and many other tracks in NY, NJ and PA.  Bill was always one of the drivers
to beat wherever he ran.  He won many races in the 50s and 60s and was enjoyable to watch
Jim Scott - Out of Garlin PA and our Guest Speaker today so we will hear some of his stories
first hand shortly.  What a great competitor Jim was in the 50 - 70s at many tracks.
Ed Shimp - Ed repesents his Grandfather that built the old track and then the new one across
the road called Bradford Speedway.  Many great races have been raced at Bradford Speedway.
Al Skiver - CLR and other tracks in NY and PA including Angelica and Olean.  Known as a nice
guy and was always willing to help a fellow racer if need be.
Stub Weigartz - CLR and other local area tracks.
Boyd Whitehead - Many tracks in the PA and NYS area.
John Whitehead - Jamestown area driver and one of the top runners wherever he raced at.  He
was a regular at many NY and PA tracks.
Don Witherell - CLR and many others in the finger lakes area including Hunt and Angelica.  If
Don was in the race you were going to have a real battle if you planned on winning as Don was
in P1 at the end of many races he was in.  A great modified driver, Jackie Soper paid alot of
respect to Don when he ran against him at Hunt and wondered who that really good driver was
in the crown seven car!!
Sonny Wittmeyer - Holland champion several years in the 50s and 60s.  He also raced at other
tracks in WNY and PA.
Doug Yochum - CLR and many other tracks, many times with his two brothers Del and Don.  If
the Yochums were in a race there was a good chance one of them would end up the winner or
very close to it.  Besides being good drivers they all were excellent innovators and builders of
race cars.
Rodney Zetwick - CLR and many other tracks in PA and NY. Rodney along with his two brothers
were always the ones to beat in the stock classes they ran in.  Now living in Ohio but originally
from that race town of Smethport.
Jay Player - Great driver out of Bradford PA that raced in PA and NY tracks.
Gary Colley - Also out of Bradford PA and and raced in PA and NY.
Keith Colley - Brother of Gary any great driver too in PA and NY.
Bill Rafter - One of the great drivers to ever run in many States and Canada including CLR.  
Orginally out of Niagara Falls NY and always the driver to beat if you were in a race with him.

8/18/08 Thanks Ford for the report, you certainly had some great drivers on hand, congrats
and maybe some of us can make it next year. - Jeff

8/16/08 Jeff from another site I read this morning that native Waterloo New Yorker's Mike
"Magic Shoes" McLaughlin's friend and mechanic passed away after a short battle with
Leukemia.Steve "Big Guy" Helwig worked on Mikes Bush cars through his career. One of his
favorite moments came in 1998 At Lowe's Speedway. With wonderful fuel strategy he positioned
Mike for the win and crossed the finish line on fumes for the win. Big Guy at 6'8" could put his
right foot through the window of a race car rideing the brake and still push it off with his left. He
was still employed with Team Rensi Motorsports.

Rest in Peace my friend - Richard Parry

8/18/08 We'd like to wish our condolences to the Helwig family for their loss. - Jeff

8/14/08 Hello.
I would like to make a proposal to the Pennsylvania Historical and
Museum Commission (PHMC) to erect a marker commemorating the site of the
old Reading Fairgrounds. Currently (to my knowledge after looking for
this myself and speaking with a mall representative), the Fairgrounds
Square Mall exhibits no indication that a race track and fairgrounds
formerly stood on that site.
A proposal was made several years ago but was apparently rejected. I
believe a carefully worded proposal could get approved.
The process and guidelines for having a maker erected and commemorated
can be found at the following link (just copy and paste onto your
What I am seeking is any input for the proposal, and any possible
support with sponsorship. After reviewing the guidelines, if any of the
parties have input for the proposal or the wording of the marker, let me
know. I would like to be able to forward my final proposal to several
interested parties for a final edit before submitting it.
The proposal would also have more strength if it was endorsed by a
historical society or racing club than just by me. I approached the Reading
Fairgrounds Racing Historical Society, but they were not interested,
as they are currently raising funds for a location to warehouse their
The application deadline for next year's consideration is January 2009.
If approved, the cost of the erection of the marker must be covered.
The cost of a roadside marker is roughly $1700, with the state
contributing maybe half (probably less) to that, making the remaining cost
somewhere between $850 and $1000. Since this is my idea, I would personally
contribute up to around $500, hoping to have some help raising funds
from other interested parties. $350-$500 isn't particularly hard to
raise. Also, Muhlenberg Township officials and probably Fairgrounds Square
Mall officials would need to part of choosing the site.
If the maker isn't approved, I'd like to discuss with Fairgrounds
Square Mall representatives any way to memorialize the track and fairgrounds
somewhere on mall property. This wouldn't be a disappointing
concession, as it wouldn't involve any state money, but it also wouldn't be seen
by as many people.    
Additionally, I'd like to make a Wikipedia page for the Fairgrounds. If
anyone has input for that, send it my way. Again, I intend to send a
draft to parties who I think will be informed enough to edit it before
publishing it. I'll also send this to anyone whose web content I use as
a source so they can approve it. I will cite everything I use, and
Wikipedia is open to the public to edit if any content is questionable. It
may take me a few weeks to get finished with this, as I am a rather
busy person.
There is no rush with any of this. Respond if you are interested in any
part of this or if you have any feedback, positive or negative. I
appreciate hearing from anyone who thinks this is a bad idea, and why.
So you know, I'm a Berks native now living and teaching in
Philadelphia. There isn't much in this for me. I'm interested in this project
because I'd like to see this site recognized for its historical
significance. My father and uncle were stock car drivers. They didn't race at the
Fairgrounds, but raced at Big Diamond, Penn National, Nazareth, and
other tracks. My cousin races midgets. I race, but not cars; I'm a
competitive triathlete and bike racer.  
Please let me know what you think of any part of this. Any information
or images you'd be willing to share would be helpful.
Thank you for your time.
Jeffrey Hartman 215-922-7862

8/18/08 Parties interested in this project can contact Jeffrey, we'd like to wish you the best
in this endeavor, we're considering similar activities here in NY. - Jeff

8/10/08-  On the posting from Gary and Ken Brown of 8/2/08, the #4 Model A is car that I
owned at the end of the 1965 season and was driven by Wayne Harris of Hallstead, PA. (It was
his Flathead engine)   Jim Florance

8/18/08 Well, we finally got to the bottom of that one, thanks Jim, the Pen Cann '64 & '65
page is now updated.. again! - Jeff

8/6/08 I am building a scale model of Fonty Flocks 40's Era Ford that he raced and wrecked at
Daytona I am having a hard time finding pictures and information about the car I read that it
was green and black but was that a Ford green of the era or some other color attached is one of
the few pictures I have found I would appreciate any help with this project
Thank You
Scott T Adams Sr

8/10/08 Anyone who can help Scott out can reach him at the e-mail address above, good
luck Scott. - Jeff

8/2/08 Good afternoon Jeff,
Spoke with Ken and Gary Brown (Cadosia, N.Y. racers from the late 60's and 70"s) and they told
me that the #28 with the Hillbilly on the roof is Rollin Beers believed to be from Trout Creek or
Walton area. They were the owners of the #117 driven by Willard Dibble and the owners of the
#117 Monte Carlo in the mid 70's driven by Butch Dibble, Willard's son.  The #4 Model A is  not
driven by Max Francisco.
Still enjoy going on and checking out all the 'ole pictures.  Will send you some more fairly soon.
Best regards,
Eddie Robbins
Lake Helen, Fl.

Gary and Ken Brown
Lake Helen, Fl. too

8/3/08 Thanks Eddie, one mystery solved, one created, I'm even Steven once again. The Penn
Can '64 & '65 page is now updated. Take it easy - Jeff

Jeff -
The picture of Hal Snopek in the Ted Doebler #7 brought a smile to my face.
The night I was in the pits at 5 Mile taking pictures, the 7 was sitting there warming up.
I bent over to look at those valve covers when whoever was sitting in the car goosed it.
With the zoomies right in my face, I jumped a bit, and the crew all got a big kick out of it. After
the laughter died down, I did talk to one of them, and he confirmed my suspicion that it was a
Plymouth V-8...
Thanks to you and Tom for posting his pictures.
Greg Holland

8/3/08 Thanks to you Greg for the story and your continued interest. I've added a link to
your site on our links page - great stuff! - Jeff

7/30/08 Hi Jackie Soper,
I just bought "Lancaster Heroes" and there is the #7 coupe the first winner at that speedway
Jack Soper. I wrote the man back saying how I watched you race at Dryden and how you were
nearly unbeatable.  I have a picture of you standing next to #7  in my scrapbook and your
autograph on a small piece of paper under it.  I have it written down as 1959 or 1960.  He gave
me your email address. I do remember the extra $100.00 bounty on you if you didn't break.  I
have a later picture of that #7 driven by a Cecil Keister written down as 1961.  I never heard of
why the driver change or what happened to my favorite driver.......JACKIE SOPER!!!!!!. The only
other pictures I have from Dryden Raceway are of Bucky Dew and Lucky Cornish.   I hope this
finds you in good spirits and to let you know you are fondly remembered by an 11 to 13 year old
back then, a little older today.
                               John DeYoung

8/3/08 Thanks to Bob Ripley Sr. for forwarding this e-mail onto us, pleased to post it and
hope that Jackie is doing well. Scroll down for a pic of Jackies Lancaster win. - Jeff

7/22/08 Hi! While researching McGurk pistons I came upon your great web site. As a youngster I
attended many events at the Alcyon Speedway in Pitman, NJ so I had a great time reading your
site enjoying the historical articles on past drivers and the wonderful
historical photos. Keep up the great work. Congrats to MASCC!
Drew Pierce
Glassboro, NJ

7/27/08 Thanks for the compliment Drew, glad you like the site. - Jeff

7/19/08 Jeff, I guess we are all set for the 26th at Airondack I have four members cars plus U/R
pace care going up. Each member gets two passes for coming. It looks to be exciting show. I'll
send pictures to ya afterwards for the site. Richard

7/20/08 Our show car chairman Richard Parry has struck a deal with AIS for a display
during the upcoming Busch event this coming Saturday, look for a event report soon. Have
a good time guys. - Jeff

7/6/08 Hello, spent quite a bit of time on your site... it is wonderful to say the least.  I booked
marked it so i can return later.. thanks  Rich Morganti

7/13/08 Thanks Rich, glad you enjoy it. - Jeff

6/22/08 I'm saddend to report that Chick Stockwell of Woodbury, Conn. lost nearly
everything he owned in a fire at his residence on June 10th. He lost all of his possessions to
the fire started by lightning, including his memorabilia, trophies and a nicely restored
1936 Ford Stock car, his first that he raced at the Danbury Arena. Stockwell is the all time
Modified winners leader at the now defunct track and amassed 207 career wins on the oval.
He won nine track championships as well as six consecutive most popular driver awards
from 1976 to 1981. Truly a shame, if I get any info on his new address I'll pass it along.
Best wishes to you Chick. - Jeff


Saratoga Springs, NY        The very popular “Syracuse Mile” exhibit in the Racing in New York
gallery of the Saratoga Automobile Museum recently lost one noteworthy race car but gained
another of great interest.
“The very popular Batmobile that Gary Balough used to blow away the entire field at Syracuse
had to go back to the DIRT Museum for their Hall of Fame program,” explained exhibit
coordinator Ron Hedger.  “In looking for a replacement, I found that Dick Ackerman had the P-13
available.  It’s almost entirely original and people who have seen it in the gallery can’t believe
that Tommy Wilson ran it well over 100 mph on the Syracuse mile.”
Built originally by owner Charlie Pierce of Deansboro and mechanic Freddy DeCarr, who would
go on to build and maintain the famed S-33 that Bill Wimble drove to a pair of NASCAR National
Sportsman championships, the car shows how simple stock cars were in the early 1950’s.  A
single roll bar offered Wilson minimal protection but the engine, full of California hot rod parts
that most other owners had yet to acquire, made the car the one to beat around central New
York.  The team claimed the Eastern Mutual Racing Association championship at Brookfield,
then the area’s most competitive track, in 1952 and ’53 and won at a half dozen other area
tracks as well.
Wilson won so often at Lafayette that he had one of short track racing’s most unusual
handicaps.  He was started in the front row but considered in last position, meaning he had to
catch the rear of the field and pass everyone to get the lead.  Still, he won more often than not.
At Syracuse in 1952, he swapped the lead with nemesis Don Henderburg for a while, then led
comfortably until the last lap, when a blown tire dropped him to second.  He also ran third and
sixth in the twin-feature 1954 Labor Day classic.
The P-13 joins Cliff Kotary’s famed State Fair winning #90 and the gleaming Enterprise Machine
Shop championship car once driven by New York hero Jim Hurtubise in the “Syracuse Mile”
More information on the Saratoga Automobile Museum, currently featuring a new GTO exhibit in
the main gallery, is available on-line at www.saratogaautomuseum.org.

6/15/08 Thanks once again to Ron for showcasing one of our clubs cars, we're pleased to
have it it the museum. - Jeff

6/13/08 Hello,
Just a quick note to say hello and congratulations on the excellent website you have put
together. As an avid flathead fan your website has been a great source of information and I love
the andecdotal history that goes along with the tech~!
After searching for a few hours one day looking for info on how I could identify a Merc 4" crank I
came up with an idea that would collate as much of the flathead knowledge as I could in one
place. There is so much great information out there but its usually spread out and sometimes
hard to find. To this end I'm putting together a website that will focus on the hot rod flathead
and would love to showcase your website and your club. The only thing it will cost you is a small
amount of your time and hopefully, it will drive more traffic to your website and raise more
awareness of what you do.
The website is in development at this stage but if you think you may be interested, let me know
and I'll send you a link as soon as its up.
Kind Regards,
Daniel Davis        

6/15/08 Daniel - thanks so much for the compliments, glad you like our site and we'll be
happy to link once your site is ready. - Jeff


6/1/08 Thanks Eddie - hope you all had a great time - Jeff

5/20/08 CUBA LAKE RACEWAY 6th annual 50s and 60s stock car racing luncheon July 30th
This is your invitation to attend the 6th annual CLR luncheon for all those that remember or
have a love of stock car racing from those wonderful years of the 50s and 60s.  Drivers, car
owners, mechanics, track personnel and track owner/builders from tracks of  WNY, Ontario and
NWPA during that time will be attending.  This year a special invitation is being made to drivers,
mechanics, car owners and track personnel that ran in the 40s, 50s and 60s from the greater
Jamestown area, Penny Royal track at Leon, NY and VFW Raceway at East Towanda, PA to
attend along with others that look forward to attending again this year or for the first time.  Last
year drivers and others that were involved with the racing came from 7 States and Ontario to
attend the luncheon. By receiving this invitation you and your family and friends are invited to
attend this years event. The past CLR luncheons have become very popular with the whole stock
car racing world it seems and I suggest you get your reservations in as soon as possible before it
is completely sold out.  This is your chance to be with and talk with these greats from that era of
racing.  A number of the young lyons that are the stock car champions currently also attend to
meet the drivers they have only heard about. Moonwinks can handle 200 people max. and still
have room for all of us to move around for visiting with friends, old and new, fans and lovers of
50's and 60's stock car racing that will be there for the luncheon.

When:  July 30th 2008 (Wed)

Where:  Moonwinks, just north of Cuba, NY ( 3 miles ) on rt. 305 and 1/2 mile from the CLR
track.  Watch your speed on I-86 and in the Cuba area as tickets are given out for any speeding

Invitation deadline:  I must receive your reservation and payment by:  July 14th 2008

Time, luncheon info. and Cost:  registration starts at 10:30 am with lunch starting at approx.12:
15.  As we did last year two lines will be available for registration allowing for more time to visit
and talk with all others.  We have use of the restaurant until 4:00 pm so there will be plenty of
time for our speaker, mc and all of us to visit with friends, new and old, and field those
questions from the fans and get driver autographs and pictures.  This year I have worked with
the Moonwinks management and trimed our operations costs so the luncheon cost will be $1.00
less than past luncheons at $14.00 this year.  It has always been my goal from the 2003 banquet
forward to have the cost as low as possible so anyone that wants to attend can afford to do so.  
Our sit down served luncheon will begin with a molded cranberry salad, rolls & butter, beverage(
choice of coffee, tea, iced tea or lemonade).  Mixed drinks, wine or beer may be ordered, but are
at additional cost.  This year you and your companions will have the choice of one of the
following two entrees:  Scampi style Haddock fillet or Chicken "Divan".  You must let me know
how many of each with your RSVP.  The entree you choose will come with potato and vegetable.  
Our luncheon will then conclude with a very nice dessert.  Steve, the Manager of Moonwinks, is
also a lover of 50s and 60s stock car racing and those of you that have attended past banquets
will remember the great feed he puts on for us. Steve will go out of his way this year also to see
that we are treated as Queens and Kings.
Our luncheon will be "dutch treat" for all attending and the price of $14.00 per person includes
everything food wise, beverage (except noted above), tax and gratuity.  Remember I must receive
your RSVP and payment by: July 14th 2008 at the latest as no day of the luncheon payments will
be allowed.  Because of the guarantee required by Moonwinks no refunds can be made.  I will
not be sending you tickets back.  We will have your name and your companions on a master list
that will be marked at registration on the 30th.  Your only job the day of the luncheon is to
register, sit back, visit, eat, enjoy our guest speaker and mc and relax.

Program:  I am very please to announce that Jim Scott has agreed to be our guest speaker this
year. The residents of Garland PA know and regard Jim Scott as one of their most famous
citizens.  To further show the respect folks have for Jim he was elected into the Warren County
Sports Hall of Fame in the Spring of 2008.
Scott was a top race car driver throughout the area from 1956 to 1976.  He made a name for
himself on the local, regional and national racing scene.  Over his career Scott has raced all
over, including the dirt of Stateline and Eriez, and two international speedways of Daytona and
Talledaga.  He has raced at
Holland, Conneaut, Mercer, Smuckers, Roll-O-Bowl, Pennsboro, West Virginia, Bristol,
Tennessee, Perry, Smethport, Bradford, Olean, Skyline and Sulphur Springs.
By 1970, Scott was winning many of the longer feature events back home. His luck ran out at
Eriez Speedway as he suffered three broken vertebrae and a crushed spine in a racing accident.  
Hospitalized, he was forced to shut down his auto repair business and many said he would never
walk again, let alone race.  His determination would not be denied as he used his recuperating
time to rebuild his body but also to build a 1969 Torino Talledaga for Daytona.  He ran at
Talledaga and was near the leaders when he lost the clutch in the final laps.  He continued to
be sucessful in racing until 1976.  He has now left the racing legecy to his children, who are
highly successful drivers.
Our Master of Ceremonies this year is the well known and never a dull moment when around
him Paul Faleski out of Buffalo.  Paul also has a racing history behind him winning the 2000 Pro
Truck championship at Holland Speedway.  He is currently running a John Casey midget at
several tracks around the area.  Paul has also been President of the FOAR SCORE racing club
(oldest club of its type in the Country) and is currently the Vice

RSVP:  Send payment, $14.00 per person, along with your name and the name of any
companions attending with you and the entree choice for each of you to:  Ford Easton, 5200 28th
St. N. # 651, St. Petersburg, FL 33714.  Make your check or mo payable to: Ford Easton.  Should
you need to contact me, phone 727-522-4042 or e-mail fjeaston@aol.com.  Remember I must
receive your reservation and payment by July 14th 2008.  If you or any of your companions were
a stock car driver please indicate that to me when you send your reservation and money.  Those
of you that I know personaly that drove don't need to indicate it.  I just don't want a driver to slip
by me without me knowing they drove. Ford Easton   

5/7/08 To all across the Nation and Canada, In a recent conversation with Emory Mahan who
was a great stock car driver in the 50s and 60s out of Warren PA and our guest speaker at the
2005 3rd annual CLR luncheon at Letchworth State Park Glen Iris Inn advised me that his
brother Gordon had just been diagnosed with a very painful and terminal form of cancer.  
Gordon passed Monday 05May08 as advised by a friend in Warren, PA.  He has now ended the
suffering and pain that he was going through.
I had many conversations with Gordon over the last 3 years or so.  Gordon was a famous
photographer with one of his greatest efforts being with the photos he took as the track
photographer at many stock car tracks in PA and NY starting in the 40s.
If you would like to send a card to the Mahan family I suggest sending it to the following
address:  Gordon Mahan family, 1205 East 5th Ave. Ext., Warren PA 16365
Ford Easton

5/1/08 Hi - the link below goes to a vintage race photo site I have been working on for the last
year or so. I have it arranged by decades.
I started it as a way to preserve & share some of my old photos that were deteriorating. I have 20
or so reels of slides yet to add, going back to the mid 1960's.
My dad had a car at Spencer in the late 1950's, and we have been been involved with raceteams
or as fans ever since.
Terry Lynch
Spencerport, NY

5/4/08 - Thanks Terry, great stuff. I've added the link to our 'links' page as well. - Jeff

4/29/08 I am looking for any information pertaining to my Dad’s (Monte Hollertz) old stock cars
he raced in the mid 60’s. I don’t have any photos but they were # 22. He had three different ones
with this number. Early 30 Chevys. One was last seen in the Columbus Nebraska area 30+ years
ago. One (The Widow Maker)supposedly ended up by Valentine Nebraska or even in South Dakota
in the late 60’s. The last one (Shantilly Lace) was last seen around Beaver City Nebraska in the
late 80’s. Can anyone help? Thanks, Rob Hollertz - Holdrege, Nebraska

5/4/08 Rob can be reached at rhollertz@allmand.com if anyone has any info - Jeff


Saratoga Springs, NY The Saratoga Automobile Museum’s Lost Speedways Three program, set for
Sunday, April 27th at 1 pm, is ready for the green flag.

"The line-up keeps changing but for certain we’ll have a quality field," said Racing in New York
coordinator Ron Hedger. "Along with two major speedways, the Empire Raceway in Menands and
the Altamont Fairgrounds, racing historian and photographer Les King will also discuss the
Warrensburg Fairgrounds, Mettowee Speedway in North Granville, the Corinth Fairgrounds,
Schuylerville’s Hudson River Speedway and McGregor Speedway north of Saratoga Springs. And
Roger Liller, who is writing a book on racing in Dutchess County, will join us to give everyone a

"On the photo side, noted racing photographer Ray Masser of Souderton, PA will bring a
collection of photos and articles covering action at the legendary Langhorne Speedway, the
Reading Fairgrounds and the Trenton Speedway. He also has photos from Hatfield and Allentown
along with shots of American legend Mario Andretti in the Mataka ‘3n1’ midget, with which he
once won three features in one day.

"For motorcycle lovers, Mark Supley will supplement his talk on gone but not forgotten flat tracks
by displaying his restored 1975 Kawasaki 250 cc Champion-framed flattracker, originally owned
by Perry Moak of Altamont."

The lineup also includes journalist Andy Fusco discussing the Perth Speedway, Bill Ladabouche
on the tracks along the Vermont/New York border and Kenny Gypson recalling the many tracks
east of Troy.

Fusco will be bringing a number of old-timers who were active in the extremely dangerous
roadster era at Perth, along with a collection of amazing photos, and Bruce Carman will display
his restored Whitbeck roadster, driven to a Perth championship by area hero Pete Corey.

National Speed Sport News columnist Gary London, who planned to recall racing at the Polo
Grounds, indoors at the Kingsbridge Armory and other New York City venues, may have to
scratch from the field due to another commitment at Grandview Speedway but will be on hand if
it rains on Saturday.

Collector Dan Ody, photographer John Grady and others will display photos, scrapbooks and
other memorabilia and attendees are urged to bring their treasures along to share. Tables will
be available, with museum volunteers on hand to safeguard the items during the program.

Those bringing memorabilia are urged to arrive early so visitors may enjoy the memorabilia
beginning at noon.

More information is available online at www.saratogaautomuseum.org or by e-mailing Ron
Hedger at rjhmedia@juno.com.

4/4/08 I'm looking to buy a vintage car to rebuild and race.  I would prefer a Ford 32-46.  If you
know of any For Sale, please let me know. Thank you, Steven Tourje

4/6/08 Let's see if anything shakes out, best of luck Steven. - Jeff

4/2/08 This is the way all clubs should look!! A rolling museum of history and facts of the cars
in a club! Tracks and drivers who ran them so fans of all ages can learn and remember where it
all started!! Great job, Jeff! Dick, keep on pluggin with the flat heads super nice!
Donald V. Hoyt

4/6/08 Thanks Don, we will. - Jeff

4/2/08 Hi Ol' Ron here, I'm sure I mentioned  before that I have bad eyesight and it's difficult
reading. I recently picked up a text to speech program for my computer and found it interesting
to go back to some old web sites. I especially like yours and enjor your writing, wish I could have
seen your cars run back then. I had a friend (Bill Barth) that aleasys said they had the best
racing there with some of the fastest flatheads. I'm at present helping a fellow build a blown
flathead (I won't put it together) using all the knowledge I've gained over the past 75 years of
these old bones. Unfortunately this is a street engine, but it's better than nothing. I may get out
to your neck of the woods this summer and will stop in if I can. Good luck and have a great life.
Ol' Ron (Holleran)

4/6/08 Thanks Ron. For those who don't know, Ron is the author of the book 'Nostalgia' - an
excellent resource for flathead builders. Here's a pic of a Hydo engine he did - his work is
excellent and he's a well respected member of FordBarn, as well as a former Danbury racer.
- Jeff

3/21/08 Jeff, Thanks for your reply. I had a few pictures posted on Otto's site to share with the
old-timers. (Like myself). I will miss the site. Bill Farress

3/23/08 I miss the site too Bill, maybe in time I'll be able to add some of Otto's photo's here. -

3/18/08 Awesome 'site you guys have...especially the Flathead Pages!!!I run  www.hotrodcat.
com here in Denver and am with the Flatheaders, plus a good friend of Joe Abbin.  Want to
exchange Links? I'll attach a Logo you can use! --Eric.

3/23/08 Cool site Eric, link created, logo sent, Tell Joe I said 'hi' - take it easy - Jeff

3/18/08 For Immediate Release

Contact: Ron Hedger @ 518-885-7481 or Alan Edstrom @ 518-587-1935


Saratoga Springs, NY With the Saratoga Automobile Museum’s Lost Speedways Three program
just over a month away, it’s certain that a record number of tracks will be remembered.

"We had an all-star line-up already, then we had three notable additions recently to ice the
cake," said Racing in New York gallery coordinator Ron Hedger. "Les King had planned on
speaking about the Empire Raceway in Menands and the Altamont Fairgrounds but his improving
health has led him to tackle a number of other "lost" speedways as well. He’ll also cover the
Warrensburg Fairgrounds, Mettowee Speedway in North Granville, the Corinth Fairgrounds,
Schuylerville’s Hudson River Speedway and McGregor Speedway north of Saratoga Springs.

"On the photo side, noted racing photographer Ray Masser of Souderton, PA will bring a
collection of photos and articles covering action at the legendary Langhorne Speedway, the
Reading Fairgrounds and the Trenton Speedway. He also has photos from other defunct
speedways, including Hatfield and Allentown along with shots from Grandview and Pocono.
Among the collection will be shots of American legend Mario Andretti in the Mataka ‘3n1’ midget,
with which he once won three features in one day.

"And for motorcycle lovers, Mark Supley will supplement his talk on gone but not forgotten flat
tracks by displaying his recently restored 1975 Kawasaki 250 cc Champion-framed flattracker,
which was originally owned by Perry Moak of Altamont."

The lineup also includes journalist Andy Fusco discussing the Perth Speedway, Bill Ladabouche
on the tracks along the Vermont/New York border, Kenny Gypson recalling the many tracks east
of Troy and National Speed Sport News columnist Gary London remembering racing at the Polo
Grounds, indoors at the Kingsbridge Armory and other New York City venues. With late entries
sure to surface, the event will easily be the most spectacular yet.

A number of others will be on hand with photos, scrapbooks and other memorabilia and
attendees are urged to bring their treasures along to share. Tables will be available for
displaying memorabilia, with museum volunteers on hand to safeguard the items during the

The talks will start at 1 pm on Sunday, April 27th in the Racing in New York gallery on the
second floor of the museum. Anyone with items to display is urged to arrive by noon to give
everyone a chance to enjoy the items, rerun old races and renew friendships. The newest racing
exhibit, the Syracuse Mile, will be open as well along with the current Golub Gallery exhibit,
Romance of the Roadster.

More information is available online at www.saratogaautomuseum.org or by e-mailing Ron
Hedger at rjhmedia@juno.com.

3/16/08 I am disappointed that Otto's web site is gone. I enjoyed reading your column and
looking at old modified photos. I was thrilled to see photos of Gary Reddick's restored V3,
he always was my hero. Bob New

3/11/08 This e-mail was forwarded to me by Dave Conde (from Otto Graham) in reference to
Otto's website: 'Racing on the Net' O-graham.com

The web site is gone. The current host doesn't have the info to re-register the web domain
name, and the party that does won't release the info to re-register. So, I'm out of business, and
can't even use my own domain name. It was fun for eight years, and I guess everything has to
end sooner or later. Thanks for all your help along the way Dave----otto

I remember talking with Otto when he first had the idea of his website and thought it was a
great idea, myself, Norm Raasted and many other locals contributed photo's and anything
we could of interest. Otto built it and continuously added new features which made the site
extremely popular for both racers and Wharton Valley locals as well. His photographic
talents were on display weekly during the racing season, as well as local sporting events -
things that after 8 years we just take for granted that it'll always be there. The truth of
course is that it takes great effort, patience and no lack of time not only to build a site, but
even more so to maintain it on a weekly basis. There are trips involved, late nights
chopping at a keyboard, self imposed deadlines and of course the toughest act of all - 'how
do I top last week when last week was my best?' I'm sure you all know what the pay is to do
this stuff - you have to love it or you wouldn't do it. Otto did it week in and week out for 8
years, he's been as dedicated as anyone could be and his site was just fantastic, a wealth of
information and enjoyable. I particulalrly looked forward to it because it was a place I
could look where I didn't know what was coming next. I'll miss it. I talked with Otto this
week and he related he may do another site, more localized so he can cut down on travel
and do it at a more relaxed pace. His plans were not set at the time we talked though.
Regardless, I'm sorry that the site is gone - I'm going to leave our link up in memory of it -
and I want to thank Otto Graham for all the work he's done to help keep the memories of
past racers alive, few have done it as well.
On Friday evening we talked again and Otto wanted not only to thank everyone who
contributed to his site, but also to relate that he was sorry it's now gone, it wasn't planned.
He's currently looking into starting a new project though, so we do have something to look
forward to. - Jeff

3/7/08 Jeff, Here are some pictures of the J.B.Motors coupe build, If you have any leads to
where I might find this car, or possibly the #19 / #29 J.B.Motors pinto, it would be greatly
appreciated. my cousin Greg Schoonover sold the pinto in 1973 or 74. Thanks,
Doug Benjamin

3/9/08 Doug can be reached at dbenjamin@precind.com if anyone has any info on either
car's whereabouts. - Jeff

3/4/08 Jeff, You probably know but here goes, I got my NEAR newsletter and it say's Rene
Charland is in a nursing home and wishing people send him cards and letters to: Rene Charland
Pine View Commons, Room #24, 201 South Melcher St, Johnstown, NY 12095. Alan Weaver

3/9/08 Rene isn't the only one who needs cheering up, I received a note from Bob Ripley that
Lancaster's first feature winner, Jackie Soper would also appreciate cards. He can be
reached at: Soperjackie@aol.com - Jeff

3/4/08 Hi fellows, I recently found your web site. It is GREAT!!!   I was a Amos Fancuilli fan and
last saw him race in 1966 or 1967. Can anyone share with me the long or the short of his life?  I
remember The Diff driving for Glenn Scott in the #75 which later turned into the first S/360.
Joe SR. or Joe JR. drove it also. Please advise on any info that you might have. Edmund P Perez

3/9/08 Amos was a winning driver at Glen Aubrey, 5MP and Shangri-La. He passed away
from a heart attack in the late 1960's. Anyone with info can contact Edmund at edmund.
perez@Duke.edu - Jeff

3/1/08 Hey guys just a note. Maybe some of you already know? We lost another racing icon this
past Thursday. Richard "Dick" Clark of Munnsville, NY passed away at the age of 73. Dick was a
long time race car driver and owner for many years. Dick was 1967 NASCAR New York State
Champion in the sportsman division. 1968 All-Star Racing League representing Fonda. A
member of the Fonda Speedway Hall of Fame. And in 1997 was inducted into the New York State
Stock Car Association's Hall of Fame.
My memories of Dick was when growing up and as a child sitting on the porch steps waiting for
the guys to come down route 20 towing a beautiful orange and white #16 coupe, sedan or the
mustang on their way to Fonda or Wednesday night to Victoria.
God Speed Dick.
Richard Parry

3/2/08 Our condolences to the Clark Family on their loss, Dick was known both as a gret
racer as well a fine man, he will be missed. - Jeff

2/27/08 WOW! I’m from Michigan , which isn’t exactly hurtin’ as far as racing heritage is
concerned, but your incredible website makes me realize just what a rich history of short track
racing you lucky folks in the New England area have enjoyed over the years. Thanks for the very
entertaining viewing! Mark J. Seiler

3/2/08 Thanks Mark, glad you enjoy the site. - Jeff

2/23/08 Jeff, Can you please pass this note on to the club members...Thank you.
Ray Cole would like to thank everyone for all of the cards, phone calls, e-mails, thoughts and
prayers for him during his time of recuperation from hip surgery.  He appreciates everyone
thinking about him.  He is doing much better and can't wait to get to the tracks to see everyone.  
Thanks again. Mike Cole #29

2/24/08 Done, hope Ray is feeling better and to see him at the tracks this summer. - Jeff

2/23/08 Hi Dick, Great website.  Now I see what you mean by the "coupe".  Looks like a ball
racing those old babies.  If it's OK with you I'll put a link to your site on our website.
Thanks, Jeff Snook

2/15/2008 Dear Jeff,
My father past away in November of 07, he left me with alot of photo and memories. My
grandfather was "Speed" Besemer. I was looking up info on him and I came across this web site
where I see that Lori and Doug Smith was looking for info on Speed Besemer, my grandfather.
My dad was raised by Speed at a very young age and grew up on the tracks and as he got older
he would transport race cars that Speed would build and sell for other drivers. Just to let them
know that I have a lot of info and pictures of old time racing. Speeds number was 79 numbered
after RT 79 going into Ithaca. He was from a small town called Besemer just outside of Ithaca.
After he lost his hand he was a car owner and his driver was Tinny Benson. I just found some
8mm film that I transfered to DVD of some racing on it. Speed married my grandmother  
Virginia Lent, my fathers name is Eugene "Little Speed" Lent, and my name is Eugene Marion
Lent. Speed also had another son his name is Kenneth Besemer who lives in Hollywood FL. In
March, my brother and I are going to put my fathers ashes at the Daytona track. In 1962 Speed
was a official at the Daytona 500. Speed and Virginia ran the HUBB race fan club. I would love
to talk with Lori and Doug or anyone alse just to keep them alive. Please feel free to email me at

P.S. I still have is prosthetic hand, not the hook

2/17/08 Speed was a very interesting character and an excellent racer by all accounts I've
been able to find. Club member Alan Tatich has more info on him than I but we'd both be
happy to share what we have. Thank you Geno for the picture and info. - Jeff

2/5/08 The Jack Hedstrom of the 35B was most likely taken at Old Bridge, according to
Richie Massing the driver (&owner)-- this was the twin of the 35A driven by Wally Dallenbach
(they are cousins). Richie is the brother in law of my nieces boy friend-- he showed him the
photo - and he gave info on it.
Frank Antonides

2/10/08 Thanks for the info Frank. - Jeff.

2/3/08 In the Steve Bronson update to page 2---the 010 late model is not D. Turner---It's Ron
McClure from Troy, Pa--I helped build and crewed on that car---that picture was taken the first
night out for the car in July of 1969 at Shangri-la--it was the only appearance for us at Shangri-
la with it. During the following week Chemung was paved and the 010 team finished out the '69
season at Chemung with 1 feature win.  
Bill Fish

2/10/08 Thanks for the correction and info Bill. - Jeff


1/27/08 My cousin make me aware of your web site.  We're old fans of Cliff, seeing many of the
great races while we were growing up in Upstate NY.  Are the cars viewable somewhere? -
Julian Larusso

1/27/08 The Kotary Flying 90 is currently on display at the Saratoga Automobile Museum
as part of their Syracuse Mile display, thanks - Jeff

1/26/08 I am looking for information/photos on my great uncle Marion "Speed" Besemer.  He
was a racer back in the 30s, 40s, possibly 50s we don't really  know. Originally from Ithaca, NY,
we do know he raced in Afton, NY. He had a bad crash in Afton resulting in a serious face injury,
but   continued to race.  We think he lost his hand in another accident after this (guessing it
was race-related, not sure).  We think he continued to race after that accident as well.  The
result of this accident was that he had a prosthetic hook for his hand and we heard that the
steering wheel on his race car was modified so that he could still race even with that disability.
Would love any info. on him, especially car number and any photos that might possibly be
available, as no one in the immediate family has been able to locate photos of him in his racing
Thank you so much,
Lori and Doug Smith

1/27/08 Found an article on Speed from a '69 Gater Yearbook which has been forwarded, if
anyone has any pictures or info on Speed let us know and I'll send on to Lori and Doug,
thanks for the interesting info. - Jeff

1/18/2008 Greetings, Our friend Paul Garrigan,  “Rumbleseat” as many know him, told us to
check out your Flathead pages.  They are very good.   Thank you for putting the information out
there. We have supported the Flathead Ford engine with machine shop services and parts for
years. Red writes a column in the “V8 Times” entitled “Engine Talk”.  Currently we are building
a website for our new small business, Red’s Vintage Parts.  We want to add technical help to the
site, and would like your permission to link to your flathead pages. We would reciprocate the
The Site is www.reds-vintage-parts.com
Marilyn Boese and Red Hamilton
Fort Bragg, CA  

1/20/08 Thank you Marilyn and Red, I'm honored to add your link, your valve springs are
operating in a few of my race engines, the link is added and I'm glad you like Flat-Tech. -

1/1/08 Please pass on the info about the Modified reunion being held in Fla. during Speedweeks.
More info can be obtained at
www.modifiedreunion.homestead.com   Thank You!! Mike Budka
Speed Besemer
Rene Charland
Jackie Soper
JB Motors Coupe build.
JB Motors coupe.
Ray Babbit - Fred Smith Photo.
JB Motors Pinto.
Ron's Hydro Engine.
Marvin and Ray.
P-13 at Saratoga.
Chick Stockwell @ Riverside.
Rollin Beers.
Wayne Harris in Jim Florance's model A coupe, thanks Jim!
Steve Helwig
Paul Miles at Cuba Lake.
Is this thing street legal?
Sweet super.
Don Witherell with Whitey Gorush.
The Gawlord Rowe #26.
Earl Bodine in his slant 6 powered bug.
They didn't call him Moose for nothing, Kurzon Cary with the Mouseville Monster in 1962.
Curly Hatfield article.
Charley Trombley.
Charley Trombley.
Great model.
A dead ringer..