Penn Can License
1964 & 1965
Photos by Track Photographer Fred Smith
Chuck Corey 15 with the flag, member Mel Ogden owns this car now.
Don Elliot in the pits, Jeff & Richard Ackerman own this car now.
George Lewis with his sharp #10 Model A.
Paul Zedar in his ultrasharp '34 Ford 3 window.
'Crazy' Eddie Rafferty holds court at Penn Can.
Ronnie Broad with a cool lookin' lady on the quarterpanel.
Good friend & CNY HOFamer Ray Bunzey with the #62.
Stubby Cramer, Kirkwood, NY
Stubby Stevens takes another checkers.
Whoa!!, Who took my body???
Ahh, there it is..
Bob Lewis with the body in place and checkered in hand.
Whoops!! Tough night for the Ed Latwinski #3.
Updates 10/14/06
Carl 'Bub' Nagel in the 74.
Jerry Gow.
Jon Deakin.
Ed Latwinski in 'Ramhorn' 3.
Stu Potter.
Don Elliot with the black flag smile.
John Florence related he'd 'be back in two weeks'.
Shake, rattle and roll @ Penn Can.
Updates 1/7/07
Eddie Prentice.
Lucky Reece puts it up on two..
Hey buddy, watch where you're parkin'..Paul Zedar looks over a competitor.
Carl Nagel accepts congrats from Fred Smith.
Roy Johnson.
Clipping from 1965
Stew Potter has completed some bodywork..
Crosby Boughton.
Penn Can held many interesting events including thrill shows.