Dad's Lady Bug
(And Various other Projects..)
This started  as a couple of Model A frames and some spare time.. My
father initially wanted to make a dragster loosely based on 'The Bug' -
the first 'rail' car so to speak as the owners keept stripping it of weight
until there was nothing left but the cowl... Dad's smart, if you're going to
copy something, might better pick something that was very basic, or in
other words, 'nothing to it'. After getting the car together as a replica
dragger, and getting it running he's since decided to attempt to make it
roadworthy.. and has added a truck box, fenders and grill. My father is a
lot of things but fussy isn't one of them, he gets stuff done and right now.
Sometimes I look at his stuff and wonder how it could work.. but it does
and he usually gets it working well or he keeps working at it until it does
work well.. sorta. He certainly keeps working at it! To say that he's been
productive over the last several years isn't giving him enough credit, the
P13, S-33, Teardrop, 111, 82 and 711 were all basically his projects.
My brother Tom and I pitched in some but Dad is the guy peckering
away daily in his one holer shop with no windows.. it's amazing what has
come out of it. And I'll add, he does it with JUNK. Seems like we let the
best material go to other club members, in some cases we did.. no
matter to him, he'll make it work. All you need is a torch, a welder,
hammer and grinder, go to it!
Dad's LadyBug
Dick Kraft's replica Bug
Edmunds Custom Heads and  3 Deuces
Dad loves boiler plate and cow stantions.
Building the box.
I wondered where that dual point went..
Box and rear fenders in place.
Gotta have a spare.. and a functional box I might add.
It grows on you.
Single seater at this point.
My 34 Truck grill came off the wall.
And looks pretty good.
More to come..