Al Turner at the Otsego County Fair in 2007.
Down the front stretch at Midstate Speedway.
Car looks good from all angles, sounds good too.
Al Turner and Dick Schoonover at the Motorsports Expo in 2007.
Denny Moore captured the car in 1968.
This 1956 Ford Latemodel was built and driven at Midstate
Speedway in 1968 by New Berlin's Al Turner. Other drivers of the
car include Dick Schoonover, Bobby Randall, Larry Lloyd, Sid Wust,
Dick Sweet,and lastly, Jim Brimmer. John Clark purchased the car
from Phil Wagner and set about putting it right. His restoration is
just perfect, when Al saw the car he related "It's better now then
when I had it." A perfect example of late 60's latemodel technology,
we're glad to have it in the club.