Bob Hunter Photo's
Wolcott, NY
We owe a debt of gratitude to Bob Hunter, who along with fellow photographers John
Grady and Fred Smith  traveled to many a track in NYS recording the events for
posterity. Bob caught many a Canadian and Northern NY competitor at Watertown, he
snapped shots of the fastest Flatheads in the state at Maple Grove in Waterloo and
arguably took the best photographs of the period at the NYS State Fair in Syracuse. He
regularly caught action on the asphalt as well at Spencer and Fulton. Few realize that it
was Bob, along with his partner Adam Gass that started the Gater Racing Picture news -
indeed the 'Ter' in Gater is Bob's. Not only did he take the photo's - but he took GREAT
photos - more often than not they are well framed, with minimal of distractions in the
background, and the color composition is excellent. Arguably as nice a photograph as
was available in his time. Please enjoy this sampling of his photographs - displayed with
the permission of Kim Jennejohn - and contact Kim if you'd like some of your own.
Wee Willie Allan at Waterloo.
Adrian Flath at Watertown.
Cliff Kotary at Weedsport.
Duane Deek Decker at Watertown.
Dick May at Watertown, Bob Hayslett in background.
More to come...
Milt Johnson
Dick Emerson
Larry Nye
Sam Reakes
Red Beardsley
Sam Carista
Dick Fields
Bob Chick
John McArdell
Rollie Velte
Mad Marv Shaber
Chico Rhines
Gale McArdell
Roger Dunsmoor at Shangri-La
Bucky Buchanan at Shangri-La
Mike Miller at Waterloo
Billy Rafter
Chuck Stillwell
Dick May B29 and Kelly Walker 16x - Syracuse 1966. Thanks to Chuck Brownell for the correction.
Dutch Hoag and Sammy Reakes Syracuse 1967