The '33'
Fonda 1985.
On our first trip to Fonda with the MASCC way back in 1985 -
several  cars came up from the NEAR group in Connecticut and
Massachusetts, including this sedan. Built by Clarence Bushey and
his sons - it was owned by 'Flathead George' Mateychuk and  from
the first time I laid eyes on it, it was true love... He sprayed some
ether into the carbs and it fired up BOOM! I had a Chevy at the time,
but once I heard that Flathead, I was hooked and no other engine
would do. We became friends, I purchased an engine from him and
while I was waiting, he really set the hook by letting me drive this car
at Brookfield... We later started building our own engines and fell out
of touch with George and lost track of the car, until last summer that
is when I received an e-mail relating that the car was still in
Connecticut and for sale. The new owner - Ron DaRos - had
installed a 283 Chevy but had not upset any of the original mounts -
making the switch back to a Flathead an easy chore. We came to
agreement after the season was complete and removed the 283,
re-installed a healthy flathead, came up with some nice M&H
Racemasters, I took a port-a-power to the seat so's I can get my fat
arse in it... and it's rady to roll for the show season this summer... In
1984 I coveted the car, never thought it'd actually be in my drive..
Whip Mateychuk in 1985 at Fonda.
Brookfield 1985.
Ron DaRos.
Headed to NY.
NHIS 2007
And yes, it is a little tougher
to get in now than in