~ Suzy 0 ~
The Suzy 0 arriving at Watertwon in 1962.
 The Suzy Cars raced out of John Geng’s DePauville, NY Mobil Station from 1959 to 1963
at Watertown Speedway. The team boasted (3) cars, the Suzy 0, Suzy 2 and Suzy 3 driven
by Larry Aubertine, Huey Connant and Gary Reddick respectively. Aubertine drove the
Suzy 0 to consistent finishes, Connant was a highly regarded competitor at both
Edgewood (Alexander Bay) as well as Watertown Speedway, and Reddick soon ws
fielding his own V3 cars which he rode to spot in the Dirt HOF. The Suzy 0 (according to
Glenn Rarick of Bow Tie Speedshop as well as Mike Hayslett) had a good engine, Offy
Heads, multiple carbs, etc. and was a good runner, Mike remembers it showing up at
Evan Mills with an injected flathead to run against the overheads.  David Stoodley, author
of the ‘Legends of Watertown Speedway’ remembered the cars as ‘Highly competitive’ but
recorded no wins. Regardless, the car is a 1934 Ford 3-indow coupe, and although it
looked rough when we purchased it, now it looks like a Cherry. That needs to ripen…
Plans call for a Flathead with Aluminum finned heads and a throaty camshaft. This will
be another nice old original Antique Stock Car for our collection.
Huey Connant backed into the wall at Watertown in 1962.
Winter 2012/2013
Another year, Another project.. this car has been a challenge due to the ravages of time
and weather that wreaked havoc with the 1934 Ford tin... Replacement panels include
the drivers side windshield and window quarter, drivers side door, floor, wheel wells as
well as patches in quarters, the frame, and places I can't even remember. Photo's don't do
justice, material includes a 8'  sheet of 16 gauge, three reels of welding wire, argon,
oxygen and several grinding wheels. Marglass, bondo, primer, sandpaper and several
fulls tanks for the compressor. Trips from Endicott to Pittsfield, heating the air lines and
compressor with the salamander... not to mention the wood to heat the shop - there is
always more to a project than meets the eye. In the end, if you try to add up what you
spent it'll drive you nuts, and if people could have seen you rolling around underneath
the car on the dirty floor trying to weld upside down, they'd certify your deck is a few
cards short. (You also sacrifice a set of jeans and shirt - try not to pick jeans that have too
many rips or else you'll pick up some weld splatter burns...) All for the love of restoring
an old derelict racer that most sane people would classify as 'junk'. This is the 'hobby'
(sickness) known as 'Turd Polishing' - and stand back as we are easily the Kings of
polishing Turds.. Here's our latest.
  Equipped with a 0.060 over 8Ba, Jahns Pistons, Weiand 'Cheater' hi-compression
heads, a Canadian aluminum intake, Schneider 270F cam, headers and Mallory Dual
point. '39 Toploader transmission, 1934 Ford 'Stock' Rear end - unlocked. We re-worked
the passenger side door to open and lock, the aluminum seat came from a small plane,
windshield is cracked and authentic '34. We're nearly ready to apply the rustoleum
cream white paint and get it lettered for the shows. You look back and realize that it's
yours, you earned it and it came out as well as it could have. A polished turd is always a
alot of turd polishing here, and this is clean...
Update 6/16/2013
Finished. We completed body work and paint then had the car hand lettered. Just like the old
days... We even left a few warts in place in effort to not 'over' restore the car. Looks great at 10
feet. Actually, not to bad close up as well - and the engine sounds great - turns heads and
creates smiles each time it fires up. A very worthy and rewarding project completed in time for
the summer shows. Next!