Sammy Reakes 111
I purchased this car in 1988 for the sum of $225. The car had originally been built by Whitey Brazak
for competition at the Maple Grove (Waterloo) Speedway and was driven by 'Screamin' Sammy Reakes
to many successes. This is actually the second 111 body, although the cage had been retained from
the first built... Backing up to the beginning, the first 'Three Aces' car was built by Carl Rice in Fulton,
NY for driver Roger Dunsmoor who raced it at MilRay Speedway in Fulton, NY. For 1963 it was sold to
Brazak who installed Reakes, and they enjoyed many successes including a track championship in
1965. The original cage made it through 1963 but by 1964 that had been replaced. A NYS Fair flip
demolished the first body and frame, so the cage was fitted to a shortened '40 frame and a new 1934
coupe body was used for the 'second' car. After the 1965 season the car was sold to Johnny Podalak
and re-numbered as the #4, as Brazak built a 1937 coupe for Reakes. Sammy Reakes III then found it
and sold it to me. We were due to get it done... The frame was absolutely shot, so it has given way to a
1934 chassis as we're shooting for the 1965 time period in this rebuild.
Carl Rice, Milray 1962.
SAmmy Reakes NYS Fair 1963
Sammy at Waterloo, 1964
Johnny Podolak later put aside the 1934 Ford body.
Frame was shot.
Removing the cage.
This started as a hot rod chassis.
Good engine with Winfield cam.
Brother Tom welding.
Cage mocked.
Body blasted.
And primed.
Mock up.
Dads engine werk..
This thing runs good..
Real good, as in surprising.
We're gaining.
Update 8 /4/2011
Update 8 /26/2011
Update 4 /22/2012
Done! Dad did a great job on this car, and the engine
is no slouch either. Ready for the show season.