~ Penn Can Hall of Fame ~
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Reed Miller of Penn Can Speedway recently contacted me to relate
that this year the track was introducing a Hall of Fame. What a great
idea I thought, a track with this much history should have it's own Hall
of Fame. Then I proceeded to stick my foot in my mouth by suggesting
he poll fans on his website for induction candidates - not knowing that
he already was doing just that... My apologies - great minds think alike
eh? It's just that some are ahead of others... Regardless, you can find
his explanation and criteria for the Hall of Fame on the Penn Can
Website. There are two categories, one for the 1950's through the
1970's and a second for the 1980's to present. The results will be
revealed on July 29th at the Legends of Penn Can Speedway night,
should be a great time, see you there.
Late 1960's Poster.
How about this heat - the Romain 85, Don Benjamin, Joe Donahue Jr, Norm Norton, Carl Nagel, Ray Bunzey and Chuck Akulis. Fred Smith Photo.
Fred Smith Photo.
Fred Smith Photo.
Stub Stevens.
Eddie Rafferty.
Carl Nagel in 1967.
Chuck Akulis 1970.
Penn Can has had a lot of good talent on display.
Jack Romain Collection.
Jack Romain Collection, Fred Smith photo.
Update 8/4/2011
Jack Romain.
Seward Rice.
George Watson.
Jim Bonham.
Dick Longstreet.
Gary Beagell.
Don Beagell.
Roger Beagell.
Cal Arthur.
Lynn Highhouse.
Joe Donahue Sr.
~Congrats to All~