~ McClure 15 ~
Bill 1969.
Al McClure’s name and reputation is secure in being highly regarded in all
racing circles. His drivers read like a who’s who in Central Pennsylvania and
The Southern Tier of New York; Hal Hoose, Frankie Thompson, Bill Stroshal,
Dick May, and Graeme Bolia all turned the McClure tiller. This 1937 Ford was
built in 1969 and was the last coupe driven by Bill Strosahl who retired at the
end of that season. Strosahl is one of only two men who hold track
championships at the big three Southern Tier Speed Plants; Glen Aubrey, Five
Mile Point and Shangri-La (Don Diffendorf is the other). This particular coupe
was as competitive as any and took Bill down to the wire in the points race in
1969 at Shangri-La, which was ultimately won by Dutch Hoag. Upon his
retirement Graeme Bolia was tapped for the ride and the car evolved over the
next few seasons until being sold to URC Sprint hotshoe Harry Benjamin. Harry
campaigned the car for a season or two before selling to Richard Rafferty who
in turn sold it to us some 35 years later. The car was always powered by a 427
Ford side oiler and of course had a Franklin quickie and al the associated
goodies. Plans call for a 390 FE with 4 barrel, cam and magneto for the power
room, some body cleanup and maybe some brakes… even though they only
slow you down…The completion of this car will fill the big block asphalt
modified opening in our collection.
Hoag, Strosahl, Diff @ Shangri-La.
BillStrosahl Shangri-la 1969.
Bill Strosahl with Al McClure.
Greame Bolia 1970.
Ready to restore.