These photo's have been submitted by longtime racer and fan
Mark Terry of Kirkwood, NY. Mark cheered on such greats as
Don Diffendorf and Stub Steven's and followed Stub in using
the #27. His photo's are great, check them out.
Stub Stevens @ Penn Can, Fred Smith Photo.
Mark Terry, 1979, Fred Smith Photo.
The 'Spooker' Pete Hulbert, Fred ?Smith Photo.
Jerry Hayes.
Kenny King.
Stu Potter @ Penn Can, Fred Smith Photo.
Frank Mears, Fred Smith Photo.
Chuck Corey @ Penn Can.
Thanks Mark.
Amos Funcilli.
Additions 11/4/2006
Benny Parsons @ Pocono, Fred Smith Photo
Red Graff @ Penn Can, Fred Smith Photo
Pete Cordes, Fred Smith Photo
George Harold @ Penn Can, Fred Smith Photo
Buzz Barton
Deforest Chalker.
Bill Blum, Fred Smith Photo.
Paul Zedar @ Penn Can
Mark Terry 1973, Fred Smith Photo.
Additions 12/31/2006
Mark has added a new feature this
week called Recycled Racecars.
Red Smith's #27 became...
Larry Groover's #10, shown here @ Midstate.
George Knight's #54 became..
Robin Oltz's #52.
Jerry Hayes #87 became..
Chuck Brady's #47.
Bob McGeorge's #11 became..
The Kennerup 41Jr. shown here @ Midstate with Joe Donahue..
and here again after the section job at Shangri-La.