These photo's are from Tom Schwarz's manilla folder and exhibit the
skills of Anderjacks Speedway Photos as well s track fotographer
Furgeson who captured the heyday of the STSCC as well as
latemoedls through the 1960's. Many thanks to Tom for sharing this
wonderful stuff.
Deforest Chalker has jsut won the Sourthen Tier 100, Anderjacks Speedway Photo.
'Irish' Joe Donahue has the Teardrop cookin'. Anderjacks Speedway Photo.
George Chalker in the pits, Anderjacks Speedway Photo.
Larry Groover has the flag, Anderjacks Speedway Photo.
Dave Kneisal in the Lynmar Spl. Anderjack's Speedway Photo.
A young Joe Pompeii, Photo by Furgeson.
Dave Mills in the pits, photo by Furgeson.
Thanks Tom, more to come.
Dave Miller, Photo by Furgeson.
Art Reike, Photo by Furgeson.
Bill Florance, Photo by Furgeson.
Don Riley, Photo by Furgeson.
Don Yeingst, Anderjacks Speedway Photo.
Gary Lupole, Photo by Furgeson.
A young Mike Colsten, Photo by Furgeson.
Buddy Bower. Photo by Furgeson.
Floyd Clark, photo by Furgeson.
Glenn Knapp, I believe this is an Anderjacks Speedway Photo.
Hal Snopek, check out the engine, Anderjacks Speedway Photo.
Len Bailey, photo by Furgeson.
Pete Dean in a wild looking ride during the bug days, photo by Furgeson.
Pete Kozak, photo by Furgeson.