These photo's are from member Mel Ogden's collection
and exhibit the skills of many photographers who
captured the heyday of the STSCC. Many thanks to
Mel for sharing this wonderful stuff.
Artie Mclaughlin 1959, J Ralph Jones Photo.
Chuck Akulis first car, Gordon T. Kelley Photo.
Thanks a lot Mel, more to come
Updates 11/18/2006
Gordie Smith, Anderjack's Speedway Photo.
Don Yeingst, Anderjacks Speedway Photo.
Deforest Chalker, Anderjacks Speedway Photo.
Bill Northrup, Anderjacks Speedway Photo.
George Chalker, Anderjacks Speedway Photo.
Donnie Beagell in the Dachshund, Anderjacks Speedway Photo.
Bob Russel in the Slant 6, Anderjacks Speedway Photo.
Larry Groover, Anderjacks Speedway Photo.
Updates 12/4/2006
The pits in 1962, #184 Harry Benjamin. #23 Bob Payne, #76 Don Hakes, #104 Skipper Peake. Cottage Photo.
Bill Brinkley in the pits, 1962. Cottage Photo.
Bryant Ingalls crash in 1964. Anderjack's Speedway Photo.
Buzz Collingwood, Anderjack's Speedway Photo.
Carl Nagel in 1963, Anderjack's Speedway Photo.
Updates 12/9/2006
Chuck Brady, Anderjacks Speedway Photo.
Dave Offnick, Anderjacks Speedway Photo.
Dick Miller, Anderjacks Speedway photo.
Ernie Hein, Anderjacks Speedway photo.
Donnie Bray, Anderjacks Speedway photo.
Jerry Oltz, Anderjacks Speedway photo.
John Crawford, J. Ralph Jones Photo.
Updates 1/21/2007
Gater News article by Fred Furgeson Jr. 5-10-69.
Flying start @ 5MP. Photo by unknown.
Hal Karcher, J. Ralph Jones Photo.
Stryker Peak and Jim Zacharias, J. Ralph Jones Photo.
Lloyd Tevyaw, J. Ralph Jones Photo.
Don Pierce, Anderjacks Speedway Photo.
Bobby Lewis, J.Ralph Jones Photo.
Tommy Ellis, J.Ralph Jones Photo.
1953 article on Downsville's Bob Buthcher, driver of the Circle 22.