These photo's were submitted by Bob Lupka of Johnson City, NY.
Bob's father Stan was a fixture at 5 Mile Point during the 1950's and
early 1960's with his Hudson powered cars and traveled to Midstate
in 1964, copping the track championship that season in his Crosley
bodied modified. Thanks Bob, the photo's are great!
Ken 'Monk' Rauch cops the first 5MP Fall Championship in his '36 Hudson, 1951.
Bob Butcher with the Circle 22.
'Bullet' Bill Stroshal, 1959.
Bob McGeorge was dominant in this car for a short period, 1961.
Carl Abbot 1960.
Irish Joe Donahue with the Rubin Neild #47Jr., 1957.
Stan Lupka in his Henry J, 1960.
Additions 10/14/06
Frank Lopke, 1956.
Gordy Smith in his Hudson.
Stan Lupka in his Terraplaine, 1956.
Amos Funculli had sharp cars, 1960.
Dave Kneisal in his Crosley.
Deforest Chalker, note the dual made with a flywheel.
Don Beagell in an early ride.
Stan Lupka and Tommy Ellis (85) get together.
Stan cops the first semi, Sept. 9, 1961.
More to Come...
Additions 10/21/06
Cal Johnson, Perry Preston flagger @ 5MP.
Don Yeingst in the Wood Auto Recycler's #44.
George Chalker.
Don Diffendorf with the John Manny #10, sharp car.
Bentley Warren.
Stan Lupka's Crosley @ Midstate in 1964.
Monk Rauch, 1956.