These photos were recently unearthed by David Knight whose father George was
an early competitor and car builder at 5MP, Glen Aubrey, Shangri-La and Penn-
Can Speedways. And a highly successful one at that as you'll see in these gems
taken by J. Ralph Jones.
1958 Speed Sport News Championship.
George extracts himself from a 4th turn crash, 1952?
George purchased the cole-Conk Specail after Joe Donahue drove it.. and kept winning.
From left; George Knight Sr., Jr.,  Dick Cole, Unk and Micky Knight. The fellow with the trophy is unk as well.
The Mobile Spl.
Again in 1957 at GAR.
David Knight as a 10 year old in his father's Hudson powered championship winning car.
George in the Wes German coupe, 1962. A potent ride.
Nearly every picture I have of this car includes a flag..
George's sahrp '34 coupe, note the roll cage and gas tank..David Knight beleives this is his uncle Micky on the crashguard.
Here's another shot of the unique cage and tank - courtesy of Mark Terry.
David still has his father's Cromwell helmet.
And it fits pretty good too..
Thanks David.