These photo's are from Gary Wood's scrapbook and exhibit the skills
of Anderjacks Speedway Photos as well as a few 'home shots' that
captured the heyday of the #44 with the STSCC through the early
1960's. Many thanks to Gary for sharing this wonderful stuff.
Don Yeingst displays the checkers.
The #44 at home..
A Spring championship win.
A Langhorne Qualifier win.
Can't take enough pictures of a win like this.
Don Yeingst with the sharp #44.
Thanks Gary.
This photo was taken at Shangri-La according to Gary, and you
will note that the 426 Hemi is in place. The car would not handle
with this engine, (which replaced the reliable 283) and led the team
to build the Falcon for the 426 - and Gary said they didn't have
much luck getting that to handle either.
Gary Relates - Don Yeingst receives the Langhorne qualified cup at
five Mile point in 1962 - he actually finished second in the race but
was awarded the cup when John Manny refused teardown of the
Don Diffendorf driven Teardrop #10..
Don Yeingst enjoyed many successes in the Wood #44 including the
spring championship in 1962.
Dif buckling in, John Manny surveying the competition.
Don Diffendorf and Don Yeingst.
Dif grabs a heat win in the 14...
Gary relates: Don and the crew took the 1937 coupe to 5MP one
week, jsut to shake it down for Langhorne. In warmups he was
trying it out and it got on it's side, he wasn't happy about the
incident and his protest (with the offending driver and officials)
resulted in a one week ban for himself and the #44...... so, enter Don
Diffendorf who drove the #14 the following week to a heat win and
second in the feature....
Another win in 1963.
You can't win em all..
The 1937 Ford Coupe.
Again, with the rear pulled...
Must have needed it for another effort...
Possibly the 426?
Looks like the end for the 1934 coupe...
Gary's - Backyard Art
The Falcon
The Hemi Coupe
Wes German's 04 was Don Yeingst's next ride.
Gary had his own ride by then.
This Joe Norton coupe was driven by Ray Bunzey, Ben Stephens and Larry Groover - later became Gary's.
Rebuilt and refinished for the Midstate Club.
And now in it's new life down south..