These photo's are from long time fan Steve Bronson's
collection and exhibit the skills of many
photographers who captured the heyday of the
STSCC. Thanks again to Steve for sharing these
great shots.
Art McLaughlin in the early 1950's. Doc Snedeker Photo.
George Knight had a sharp and fast coupe. Anderjacks Speedway Photo.
1952 track champ Bob Quicke in the John Manny coupe. Doc Snedaker photo.
Bob Burton's 101 was pretty sharp as well. Anderjacks Speedway Photo.
Multiple time track champ Dave Kneisal in 1959, J. Ralph Jones Photo.
Johnson City's Glen Knapp. Anderjacks Speedway Photo.
Joe Winterstein with the former Kennerup 41Jr. Anderjacks Speedway Photo.
Mike Zopp. Anderjack's Speedway Photo.
Thanks Steve.
Jerry Oltz. Anderjack's Speedway Photo.
This is the Moore 45 out of Morris, NY. Usually driven by Brent Cobb although I don't believe this is Brent in the car on this day.
Chet Ingraham. I think this is a Fred Smith Photo.
Chuck Akulis, Anderjack's Speedway Photo.
Lester Green's bug after the body change. Anderjack's Speedway Photo.
Harry Benjamin. Anderjacks' Speedway Photo.
Bob Vormwald's sharp late model. Anderjack's Speedway Photo.
George Watson had sharp equipment. Fred Smith Photo.
Hal Snopek, Anderjacks Speedway Photo.
Midstate campaigner Harold Oliver from Norwich, NY. Anderjacks Speedway Photo.
Jim Lott, Anderjacks Speedway Photo.
Herbie Writeman. Anderjacks Speedway Photo.
Doug Worthing's first modified. Fred Smith photo.
Gary Beagell. Fred Smith photo.
Kenny Brightbill, check out the engine setback and racing shoes. Fred Smith Photo.
Irish Joe Donahue has done this before..Anderjacks Speedway Photo.
The 'Pink Pig' Spl. of Jimmy Mott, a consistent Midstate Campaigner. Anderjacks Speedway photo.
Jerry Hayes drove this coupe out of the Page stable. Anderjacks Speedway photo.
Jack Theobald's sharp latemod. Fred Smith Photo.
Jerry Lillie. Fred Smith photo.
Kenny Moore during the bug phase, Steve Bronson photo.
Lloyd Tevyaw, Anderjacks Speedway Photo.
Ray Bunzey in Joe Norton's coupe, Steve Bronson photo.