These photo's are from Gary Alrich's shoebox and
exhibit the skills of photographer J. Ralph Jones who
captured the heyday of the STSCC. Many thanks to
Gary for sharing this wonderful stuff.
Glenn Scott would  later go on to develop an IBM computer called the S/360, and own a car of the same number. J. Ralph Jones Photo.
Mike Zopp's classic 1934 Ford coupe, Zopp was accomplished on both dirt and asphalt. J. Ralph Jones Photo.
Jim Perkins, pins on the roof were also made popular by Dell Crill @ Watertown and Nolan Swift. J. Ralph Jones Photo.
Thanks Gary, and Ed.
Updates 2/25/07
5MP & later Shangri-La Champ Bill Stroshal, J. Ralph Jones Photo.
Bill Sherman was a steady competitor of the STSCC, J. Ralph Jones Photo.
Ronnie Rhodes has a blown hose and a 'hot' flathead, J. Ralph Jones Photo.
Hal Karcher in the Bill Vibbert #69, this car housed 'Red Shredder'. J. Ralph Jones Photo.
5MP fixture George Chalker, J. Ralph Jones Photo.
Updates 2/3/08
Jeff - This is Ed Haley, your neighbor from around the corner up on East Campville
Rd. I talked with you few times at your garage and at the ShangriLa final and
etc. I showed you a tee shirt with a picture of a car I was involved with at FMP
and Glen Aubrey in the late 50's. Says " Racin', the way it was" on it along with
the picture. Anyway - I bet you a can of amber fluid that the picture of Ron Rhodes
car #117 at FMP in 1958 on your web site is the same car that we bought and ran
in 1959. Its a pretty small world. I remember we brought that from a pretty well
known driver but the cells that remember the details of that purchase are gone.
What da you think? Thanks for all you have done for saving 'Racin' the way it
was." Any chance you are coming to FL for the speed weeks activities?

Ed Haley

It's a dead ringer Ed, don't think I'll take that bet. As much as I'd like some
warmer weather, don't think I'll make speedweeks, have a good time. Thanks - Jeff
Updates 2/25/07
Updates 2/25/07
Neal Jamison, J. Ralph Jones Photo.