The 'Grey Ghost' 441.
The Circle 22 in Butchers junkyard.
Dave relates: "This #441 was originally the Circle 22 driven by Paul
Doig and owned by the Butcher Brothers (of Downsville, NY). Mel
Ogden got it from their junkyard and restored it as the Circle 22 for
the Midstate Club. When it came to our shop my sons and I decided
to restore it to Jerry Wisnoski's and also Al Larabee's #441. We
obtained the original car and used some of the parts from it. The
#441 was a main stay at Midstate Speedway in Morris, NY in the
early 1960's. It is a '37 Ford 'Slantback'."
Gil Schultz, Pappy Potter and Jerry Wisnoski at Midstate,