7/27/90 - the last time the car was out.
Bob Wisnoski in 1961 at Midstate.
Of his second car, Dave relates: "The #20 was really #50 as can be seen if you
study the 2 on the door. It was built by Lyman Howe from Brookfield, NY but he
was killed before he got to race it. Bob Wisnoski bought it from the family and
placed the 2 over the 5 to make it his number, 20. Bob ran it at Midstate
Speedway  in Morris, NY a couple of times and then parked it in his garage. I
bought the car from him and put it right back in storage. Before I put it away the
car was started and it ran good. As far as I know, this is one of two original
Midstate cars from the early 60's flathead era that is complete right down to the
air in the tires. Both cars were backed in to the garage after coming home from the
races and kept in storage to this day. I have the hood and the doors still
open/close, the rumble seat lid still works."