2019 Central New York Stock
Car Hall of Fame Induction
BClass lineup, early 1960's @ Midstate Speedway.
Richard Ackerman & Ralph Raasted 1958 @ Midstate.
Jensen's & Raasted's late 1960's loaded
for  Midstate Speedway.
Hard to believe it but it’s time
once more for the
Central New
York Stock Car Hall of Fame
. As has been stated
on many occasions, this event
is our club’s Daytona 500 – a
party atmosphere for former
racers to reunite and
reminisce – maybe even
dispute some claims and
alibi’s… it’s all in good fun and
a joy to listen to. This will be
the 24th year of the Induction
and we expect it to be another
banner day with cars from the
Midstate Antique Stock Car
Club featured on the dusty
half-miler in exhibition laps,
memorabilia, photos, movies,
models, Cruise in, Tired Iron
Tractor club, etc. But the real
stars are our Inductees and we
have yet another great group
being inducted this year:

Floyd 'Pop' Wilcox – Had to
be convinced he'd enjoy the
races the first time he went
and was hooked immediately.
He spent the remainder of his
life building and campaigning
cars first for Jim Luke, then
Jerry Townley and enjoyed
numerous successes at
Victoria, Utica-Rome, Fonda,
Lebanon Valley, 5 Mile Point
and he really got the locals up
on the wheel at Midstate wit
his pretty #32 Chevy.

'Fast' Paul Jensen – From a
racing family, Paul has spent
the majority of his life at the
races. And not just physically,
his mind is always on racing,
it's always best to look for
parts at Jensen Speed after a
successful night... Paul has
won in everything he's raced -
Late Models, 320's and
Modifieds. He's won the
Victoria 200 as well as track
championships at Fonda,
Brewerton, Utica-Rome and
Fulton. He was one of the
moving forces in the Outlaw
circuit, in short, there isn't
much he hasn't done.

Bret Belden - Not to be
outshone, Bret is another local
has done it all in every class
he's competed in. Starting
with what was in hand 40
years ago, Bret has built his
resume steadily with
consistency and
determination, having won
several Street Stock & Pro
Stock titles on the Outlaw
circuit - the Edmeston boys
have always gotten the job

Pete Hulbert - Southern Tier
fixture who raced and won at
Penn Can
and Twin Valley
Speedways. He also was highly
competitive at
Five Mile Point
through the 1960's and well
into the 1970's. Pete drove
hat is believed to be the first
Gremlin bodied modified in
the Southern Tier in 1971 and
shared the track
Championship at
Twin Valley
with Red Harrington
that year.

Joe Donahue Jr. - Son of a
Legend, it's not easy to step
into those shoes. Joe Jr.
however did it well. As affable
and easy going as his father
was combative, Joe showed
what he was made of with a
gritty driving style and 'get 'er
done' attitude. His consistency
of making do with less in a
field where more was
necessary, Joe's best came
when the spotlight was on in
1990 @ 5MP when Kenny
Schrader visited and related in
Victory Lane that "You had too
much for me tonight"... a rare
and popular occasion.

Paul Holic - Paul started and
stayed with the Late Models
enjoying many competitive
and successful campaigns at
Brookfield and Fonda. His wife
was good at the power puffs

Otsego County Sherriff's
- What would the
races be without someone
keeping order?? I'm sure that
these 'Volunteer's' earned
what ever pittance they
received in trying to keep the
Midstate Pits safe, hat's off to
the Sherriff's.

Good weather permitting, this
year's event will be an
continuation of the fun we had
last year in that we'll be
putting some cars on the track
for exhibition laps. The
Induction is set for 1:00 PM
but get there early to get a
good viewing of the cars then
head over to the grandstand
around 11:00 and we'll put
some dust in your coffee for
you. Shines your teeth up
nice… Looking forward to
seeing you at the event.
Pop Wilcox
Paul Jensen
Bret Belden
Pete Hulbert
Joe Donahue Jr.
Paul Holic
As always - Admission is free. Come join us for a great day of bench
racing as we honor these former racers, share stories and take a trip
back to a time when racing was nothing but fun..