2018 Central New York Stock
Car Hall of Fame Induction
As Champion Jack Dupree
used to sing, “Yas’m Here I is
again!” Summer is flying by
and it’s time once more for the
Central New York Stock Car
Hall of Fame Induction
. As
I’ve stated on many occasions,
this event is our club’s
Daytona 500 – a party
atmosphere for former racers
to reunite and reminisce –
maybe even dispute some
claims and alibi’s… it’s all in
good fun and a joy to listen to.
This will be the 23rd year of
the Induction and we expect it
to be another banner day with
cars from the Midstate Antique
Stock Car Club featured on
the dusty half-miler in
exhibition laps, memorabilia,
photos, movies, models, Cruise
in, Tired Iron Tractor club, etc.
But the real stars are our
Inductees and we have yet
another great group being
inducted this year:

Bob Jones – Local racer who
fielded cars in the early 1960’s
B Class at Midstate. The loyal
locals are what added color
and helped to make Midstate
successful in the early years.

Kenny Moore – The Flying
Milkman was a winner nearly
everywhere he went, copping
the 1975 Five Mile Point
Championship as well as
several Skyline Speedway

Rich Ricci – Hudson Valley
competitor who was
competitive everywhere he
went in every car he drove.
Rich and his sons, Rich Jr. &
Mike – have won races across
the state, and done quite a
business at Accord and
Middletown Speedways.

Ed Rothwell – another local
racer who cut his teeth at
Midstate in the Late Model
division, scoring several
successes. His
nephew Rocky
is the chip off the old block
and has forged a several
decade long successful career
in the stocks as well.

Dave Kneisel – Southern Tier
Racing Fixture. Dave won
track championships at 5 Mile
Point 5 times between 1953
and 1973, He also won track
championships at Weedsport,
Twin Valley, Canandaigua, and
Brewerton. His Speed Sport
chassis won Syracuse twice
and when he raced at Midstate
he was always a threat to win.
The racing community lost a
giant on Labor Day in 1982.

Bob MacGeorge – His 1960
track championship at 5 Mile
Point, in which he dominated
by winning 11 out of 17
mains, changed the way cars
were built in the Southern
Tier. Engine set back became
the norm afterward. Bob won
on asphalt as well at Shangri-

Joe Lawrence – His creative
wrench work benefited D.D.
Rebel Harris and Whistlin’
Jackie Wilson at the very
competitive Lebanon Valley
Speedway amongst others. He
won with Y-blocks,
Supercharged and Injected
Flatheads, Turbocharged Six
Cylinders and Big Blocks at
the Valley and his seat was
adorned by Rene Charland,
Dick Hanson, Jan Opperman
and a host of others. If it was
challenging, Joe was up for it.

Tommy Ellis – Tommy made
wearing a goatee cool. He was
a consistent winner in the
1950’s with the Southern Tier
Stock Car Club at
Susquehanna, 5MP and
Shangri-La. He won the last
Susquehanna Speedway and
fist Penn Can Speedway
Championship in consecutive

Good weather permitting, this
year's event will be an
continuation of the fun we had
last year in that we'll be
putting some cars on the track
for exhibition laps. The
Induction is set for 1:00 PM
but get there early to get a
good viewing of the cars then
head over to the grandstand
around 11:00 and we'll put
some dust in your coffee for
you. Shines your teeth up
nice… Looking forward to
seeing you at the event.
As always - Admission is free. Come join us for a great day of bench
racing as we honor these former racers, share stories and take a trip
back to a time when racing was nothing but fun..
The Champions: From Left - Joe Donahue, Gordy Smith, Ray
Bunzey, Stan Lupka, Rudy Schleapher, Kurzon Moose Cary.
BClass lineup, early 1960's @ Midstate Speedway.
Bob Jones
Kenny Moore
Rich Ricci
Rocky Rothwell
Dave Kneisel
Bob MacGeorge
Joe Lawrence
Tommy Ellis