2017 Central New York Stock
Car Hall of Fame Induction
22 years running now, the
Central New York Stock
Car Hall of Fame
Induction ceremony will
take place on September
17 @ the Otsego County
Fairgrounds. The original
idea was to honor past
racers from Brookfield
and Midstate Speedways -
the local pioneers of the
sport. We have broadened
our horizons somewhat
recently to include
significant contributors to
the sport from the
Southern Tier, Finger
Lakes and Capital
Regions as they all raced
in Central New York as
well. This years group is
as deserving as any past:

Eddie Rafferty: "Crazy
Eddie" dominated at
Susquehanna (Penn Can)
Speedway in the early
1960's, he did well  
traveling too and copped a
race at Midstate during
the track challenge
between Midstate & Penn
Can. Eddie raced often &
everywhere, copping
features at Shangri-La
and several others.

John McArdell: The
'Leanin' Eleven' cars John
drove for Dominic Tantalo
were more than just
popular, they were fast
movers in a very fast
flathead crown at
Waterloo. John enjoyed
many a success not only
there but also at
Syracuse, Rolling wheels,
Canandiagua, etc. You
can read more about John

Butch Jelley: He had the
unenviable job of filling
Doug Garrison's large
shoes in the Martin Riiska
Yellow X, and did so
admirably. Always heavy
footed, Butch won at the
Valley, Devils Bowl and
Midstate with aplomb,
and was as well liked in
the pits as in the stands.

Ron Narducci: 'Mr.
Consistency', Ron started
in Ovid & Waterloo while
in the service, then
returned home to New
England to race NASCAR
at Stafford and Fonda.
Ron won track
championships at
Waterloo, Waterford, Ct.
and Stafford and was
consistently in the top 5
at the All Star events and
points. A true pioneer and
good will ambassador of
the sport.

Cal Thurston and Doug
Local runners
in the late model and
modifieds respectively,
Cal and Doug were both
low buck enthusiastic
supporters of the sport
they truly loved.

Gilbertsville Fire
long time
supporters of the Midstate
Speedway in the 1960's &
early 1970's, the GFD
backed up the morris
squads for fire control and
ambulance service -
without them the racing
would not have taken

Don Phoenix Award:
Annually we honor a
Pioneer of the Sport with
an award named for Don
who was the flagger and
track photographer at
Midstate. Don bled
Midstate, he was
dedicated to the sport and
the track. This year's
recipient will be
announced during the

Good weather permitting,
this year's event will be
an extension of the fun we
had last year in that we'll
be putting some cars on
the track for exhibition
laps. The Induction is set
for 1:00 PM but get there
early to get a good
viewing of the cars then
head over to the
grandstand around 11:00
and we'll put some dust in
your coffee for you. Makes
for nice shiny teeth.  We
plan to have Ron Hedger,
curator at the Saratoga
Automobile Museaum as
a guest speaker, as well
as Chuck Brownell and
Gary George presenting
induction speeches.
Looking forward to seeing
you at the event.
As always - Admission is free. Come join us for a great day of bench
racing as we honor these former racers, share stories and take a trip
back to a time when racing was nothing but fun..