2015 Central New York Stock
Car Hall of Fame Induction
Hard to believe that this is the 20th Central New York Stock Car Hall of
Fame event. It seems like only yesterday my father and I were loading up
the 43 to take to Brookfield for the inaugural event. It's come a long way
since then but the overall 'grass roots' feeling is the same. The people
involved, like most in racing, are 'salt of the earth' types, in other words, the
best of people. Which is why the event has continued to remain viable and
popular. For this event, we hope that all former inductees will join us and
bring their families and friends. Admission is still free, and we feel we have
another fabulous group of inductees to honor. Let's get to them:
Mike Colsten: Unless you've
been living under a rock for the
past 47 years, you've heard of
Mike. His career in racing is
the stuff of dreams. Nine Late
Model Track Championships,
Five Modified Track
Championships, over 300
feature wins and he holds the
record for most modified wins  
@ his home track, 5 Mile Point.
Mike isn't just a short track
specialist though, he raced at
Midstate Speedway in 1972
and won (2) track
championships at Rolling
Wheels. He notes the person
most influential on his racing is
friend Don Beagell, 'because of
his talent and personality.'
Tommy Williams: I remember
those hot summer days at
Brookfield watching the late
models through the dust
covered cheep beer... Tommy
Williams was hot stuff in the
division filled with hot stuff
drivers. He won his share and
then some; 20 Dirt Car Late
Model Victories, (7) Track
Championships, including (3)
in 1979 alone. 2nd overall in
1979 Mid-Atlantic Racing
Series, 1st in the Eastern
Region. All this in a career that
only covered 7 years. Tommy
could flat wheel it..
Bruce Winton: Bruce is
honored with the Don Phoenix
award for displaying the type of
spirit that made racing great.
He represents the inventive
nature that allowed so many to
race with what they had as
their desire far exceeded their
wallet. It's this pioneering
philosophy that allowed so
many to race, 'that shelf out of
the fridge would make a good
rock screen,' and that seat out
of the theater in Earlville looks
good in the #197. Bruce and
crew raced for fun and they had
it in spades.
Bucky Dew: Was to the 1950's
what Mike Colsten was to the
1990's... unless you lived under a
rock... you heard of Bucky Dew.
Racing Headlines from that time
period usually started with "Dew
Wins at.." He is documented at
winning at (9) different tracks in
the Finger Lakes Region with
track championships at
Chemung and Glen Aubrey. With
records incomplete from the era,
it's conceivable that he won one
at Shangri-La also. He started
racing in 1946 and drove coupes,
coaches supers, bugs and
modifieds through the 60's and
related what a great joy it was to
Cal Lane: Started in motorcyles
at age 16 and switched to a Class
B Modified by 19. He won right
out of the box copping over 65
features and 9 track
Championships at tracks such as
Dundee, Woodhull, Chemung and
Hornell. His most memorable win
was in a match race with Earl
Bodine at Chemung, which was
owned by the Bodines.... He also
met A.J. Foyt, Jud Larson, Don
Branson and Roger McCluskey at
Reading, a thrill for a guy who
dreamt of racng roadsters at
Indy. Who didn't? Cal did
extremely well at home and
counts this induction as his
Frank Mathalia: Started his
love affair with cars in high
school and was racing at
Brookfield by age 20. He also
raced at Morris, Brewerton,
Utica-Rome, Albany-Saratoga,
Fulton, Shangri-La and
Lancaster logging over 35 feature
wins. He notched (4)
Championships at Utica-Rome,
Fulton, and Albany-Saratoga.
Frank built his own cars and
took great pride in their
appearance and engineering, if
you've seen any of his hot rods,
you know of the quality. He
related if he had a chance to do it
over, he would have bypassed all
other projects, and just built race
9/12/15 Update: I should have noted that this show is FREE ADMISSION. There is no
charge for either the show or the Flea Market. The Flea Market on Saturday will extend into
Sunday, 9-4 each day.
Vendors will be charged a $10.00 Fee to set up, you can contact
Mike Newell
for a reserved spot although he related that there is plenty of space and no-one
will be turned away. Vendor spots will still be available the day of the show. Cars & Parts will
be separate from other items. Bring cash and have some fun. There may even be an old
racecar for sale.....