2103 Central New York Stock
Car Hall of Fame Induction
Stock cars and living
legends return to the Otsego
County Fairgrounds, home of
Midstate Speedway, on
Sunday September 22nd for
the 18th annual Central New
York Stock Car Hall of Fame
Induction ceremony. This is a
day in which the past is
relived once more, as we are
transposed back to the time
when colorful, home-made
race cars graced these
fairgrounds. Better still, it's
not just a re-union of car and
track, but drivers, crew
members, owners and fans
as well. They say you can't go
home again, well, on this day
you can.
This years induction class is
a great one. All deserving,
one may even say overdue,
here they are:
Dick Hansen: Well known
for his intensity, Dick
dominated the final seasons
at Midstate in Bruce
Carmen's #23 sedan. Bruce
won modified track
championships with Mert
'Socks' Hulbert in 1970 and
1971. A driver change to
Hansen in 1972 yielded the
same results, as Hansen was
nearly unbeatable at the
track. They also knocked
down the initial Schaefer
Qualifier at Midstate and
another at Lebanon Valley.
To be noted; Dick was doing
this against some of the
toughest competition ever
seen at Midstate, he
certainly earned his track
championship in 1972.
Roger Beagell: Rogers cars
just didn't look fast, they
were fast. Beagell was well
noted as a long race
specialist as he always
finished in the money in the
big races. He won several
features at Penn Can, Five
Mile Point, Twin Valley and
enjoyed equal successes at
Midstate. When the #27
pulled into the pits, any
pits,  he was a threat to win.
Stan Lupka: A true
renaissance man, Stan didn't
follow conventional wisdom.
He was a Hudson man back
in the day and enjoyed much
success at Glen Aubrey, Five
mile Point and Penn Can
(Susquehanna) speedways.
He later moved to a
Studebaker but by the time
Midstate Speedway opened
up the rules to the OHV -
V8's in 1964, Stan had
moved to a corvette powered
Crosley - and quickly showed
the regulars the fast lane.
Stan won the 1964 Modified
Championship and was
leading in 1965 when an
accident curtailed his career.
Bob Wing: Bob started in the
'B' class at Midstate with the
'4F' and consistently had one
of those cars that ran well
enough, it likely would have
done well in the 'A' class.
Bob recorded many 'B' class
wins before moving up to the
'A' class. He later recorded
successes with his own #82
Modified 1934 ford 5 window
coupe and later was able to
purchase one of Dave
McCredy's #33's which he
campaigned at Midstate and
Five Mile Point.
Jack Gill: Jack also was an
excellent 'B' class runner
with his #89 Chevy coupe.
He started at Midstate in
partnership with Pete
Cordes, who turned the #89
upside down for his number
68. Jack knocked down
many wins at Midstate in the
early 1960's.
Sid Wust: Sidney is a
character. A local legend. He
started as many of us do, his
father Willy was a well known
car owner and racer from the
early days of Midstate. As
soon as Sid was able, he was
helping in the shop and as
soon as Sid could drive, he
was. 'Low buck' and gritty
would be the best way to
describe Sids efforts which
started with a 312 y-block.
Once the old engine was
used up Sid went on to a 289
with a left over camshaft from
the Wust 88 - and Sid won
the 1970 mid summer late
model championship race.
His battles with the
Wisnoski's are the stuff of
legend, we're pleased to have
Sid along.
It promises to be a great
time, please come and enjoy
our display of cars,
memorabilia and cruise in.
See you there.
Update 9/14/2013
Just a few pictures from past
events to give a feel of the
upcoming one...
Cliff Kotary 2006
Old Nell
Mert Hulbert and Doug
Ron Cook & Marty Ackley
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