On Sept 6, Midstate Speedway
will once again come alive with
the sights and sounds of
brightly colored stock cars as
the Midstate Antique Stock Car
Club members pay tribute to
this years inductee's of the CNY
HOF. And, checking the
calander, it's just around the
corner. Now in it's 13th year,
the Central New York Hall of
Fame was formed to honor the
drivers and mechanics of the
former Mid-State Speedway in
Morris, NY. As in every year
there is plenty to take in at the
show including the afore-
mentioned restored stock cars
from the days gone by, a
chicken bar-b-que, plenty of
memorbila to look at such as
old trophies, pictures, posters,
driver helments, jackets and
even a movie or two. If you like,
bring your Classic/Street car
for the cruise -in. Every entry
recieves a dash plaque.
Now for a bit on this years
Brent Cobb was the home-town
favorite at Midstate in the
sportsman-modified division
driving the #45 for Moores
Mobile from downtown Morris,
NY. This first car being the
former Otto Graham #20
revemped and numbered 45
raced sucessfully for years at
Morris, Five-Mile, Twin Valley,
Skyline and Penn-Can. Brent's
easy going nature off the track
belies his competiveness on it.
A consistent top ten racer
wherever he raced, Brent
always had to be accounted for
when you pulled into the pits
and saw the #45. He's genuiely
nice to be around he always will
stop and chew the fat with you
about racing with a smile
tatooed to his face.
Jerry Townley. Wow this could
be two pages long. 'The Catskill
Comet' first drove his own #108
starting out at Victoria and
Fonda. Next on to John Cross's
#47 at the same speedways
racing twice a week with a
strong car. Then on to the #32
owned by Floyd and Emma
Wilcox and wrenched by Junior
Yankowiski with wins at Morris,
Five Mile Point, Victoria and
Lebanon Valley including a 100
lap open. I personally
remember this car vividly as it
the 'hot' local car from New
Berlin and many a day was
spent pedaling my bike to Five
Corners just to get a glimpse of
it. As with any track the team
traveled to, the #32 was a force
to reckoned with and it was no
different at Midstate where
Jerry would consistently rack
up wins and top fives. As a top
Fonda runner, Jerry certainly
had a bullseye on the car at
Midstate, as the locals certainly
wanted to beat him on their
home track. The only problem
was that the bullseye usually
got smaller as the race went on..
Joe Bouck hailed from
Roseboom, NY and ran
late-models for some years at
Mid-State, Brookfield,
Utica-Rome and Fonda,
enjoying sucess at each
although he relates that
Midstate was his favorite track.
You gotta love a guy who takes
on the challenge to drive a Ford,
the Bouck #68 was light blue
and white in color, and one to
watch when the flagged
dropped. One season was spent
as team mate to the #69 driven
by Hall of Famer Dick
Schoonover, which Joe relates
was one his best.
Ray Canner was another
late-model driver at Mid-State
driving the #2, a '56 Ford with a
deal of success, and failure as
he relates "My first race at
Midstate I won the consi, and
then had the biggest wreck ever
in the feature." I'm sure many
racers can relate to that
fortune. Though he never
drifted to far away to other
tracks, Ray enjoyed a great deal
of success at the Fonda drags,
and feels he could have done
even better at Midstate if'n he'd
had a Chevy..   
Ronnie Cook got hooked at an
early age in helping out fellow
Hall of Famer Marty Ackley,
who allowed Ron to warmup the
car on several occasions. From
there it was onto his father
Shirley's sharp #1 sedan with
which he copped the 1964
Rookie of the Year title at
Midstate. Never afraid to try
something new in search of
success, Ron ran Fords,
Plymouths and finished up with
a Chevy bodied Camaro as is
career spanned the flathead era
to the overheads at Mid-State,
Five-Mile, Twin Valley, Skyline,
and Penn-Can, enjoying sucess
at each.
One thing all of this years
inductees share in common is
that they were at the track to
race, and made the legacy of
the speedway richer just by
being there. We'd like to
congratulate them all on their
induction to the CNY HOF.
This is just a short summary of
the inducties as we don't want
to spoil you, come and talk to
them yourself and you'll get the
full picture. This is a date to
mark on your calender to
attend. Trust me if you like Old
Time Racing this is worth the
time and you'll be back. If you
are a former driver stop by the
table and the girls will
get your name as we will get
you on the mailing list. Or even
if you have some pictures taken
at the former Speedway Way
bring them as we will copy them
of our archives the same day.
Hope to see you on the 6th.
~Richard Parry~ (with an assist
from yours truly,  ~thanks
Brent Cobb stands aside the Moore's #45, former Otto Graham #20. Don Phoenix photo.
Jerry Townley accepts the goods from Theresa Elliot at Midstate. Don Phoenix photo.
Ronnie Cook in 1964. Don Phoenix photo.
Anything classier than this logo?
Ron's sharp 3 window, Denny Moore Photo.
Dick Schoonover's #69 team car to Joe Bouck. Denny Moore photo.
Latemodels getting ready for green, Ray Canner inside row 2. Denny Moore photo.
Late Models under the lights at Midstate. Denny Moore photo.
Brent again, same car, different paint. Don Phoenix photo.
Jerry was tough stuff at Midstate, and everywhere else too.. Don Phoenix photo.
Here's an article I found that gives a little bit about how the bar was raised at
Midstate when Townley and the 32 pulled in the pits, as well as how many of
us got hooked on racing at the track.
This is from a 1972 Midstate Program featuring CNY HOF Inductee Brent Cobb.
Some more pictures of this years inductees..
The Moore's #45 awaits Brent Cobb @ 5MP, Fred Smith Photo.
Ron Cook cops a heat win at Twin Valley, Fred Smith Photo.
Ray Canner tears up the front-stretch at Midstate, Denny Moore Photo.
Jerry Townley, Pop wilcox and crew with the godds at Midstate. Don Phoenix photo.
Here's some more articles from Gater Racing Yearbooks as well various
photo's I've been able to scrounge up...
From a Gater Yearbook..
From another Gater Yearbook..
Floyd 'Pop' Wilcox. John Grady Photo
Brent Cobb. Don Phoenix Photo.
Ron Cook lines up. Denny Moore photo.
Ron Cook. Don Phoenix photo.